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New Supplier Information

Requesting a New Supplier:

Before requesting a new supplier you must first search to see if the supplier already exists and if the address is already correct if it does exist. If not already obtained, you will first need to obtain the correct W-9 or W-8 form from your new supplier, and then request the new supplier be created.  For instructions on requesting a new supplier please click on the following link: Supplier Request Form.  For instructions on selecting the correct W-9 or W-8 form to have completed by your supplier, click the following link: W-8 and W-9 Instructions.

Requesting a Non-US Resident New Supplier:

When creating a new Supplier Request for Non-US Residents, there are three additional questions that must be answered and attached with the request (Please place this information in the comments field of the supplier request form):

  1. Is the Supplier being reimbursed for travel expenses or being paid for a service?
  2. If the Supplier is being paid for a service, did the service take place within the US or overseas?
  3. If the service took place within the US, please obtain clearance from the appropriate campus Non-Us Citizen Tax and Employment Coordinator below:


University of Missouri-Columbia
Nonresident Alien Taxation Specialist

1095 Virginia Ave
Columbia, MO  65211-5240
University of Missouri-Kansas City
Emma Satterfield
Non-US Citizen Tax and Employment Specialist
Administrative Center, Room 226
5115 Oak St.
Kansas City MO  64112
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Sandy Ray
Sr. Financial and Accounting Analyst
G-3 Parker Hall
300 W. 13th St.
Rolla, MO  65409
University of Missouri-St. Louis
James Webb
Nonresident Alien Taxation Specialist
261 Millennium Student Center
One University Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63121-4400


How do I put New Supplier Request BACK into the Supplier Request Queue?:

  1. Go to the sendback email and click on the blue link which will take you back into your original supplier request form
  2. Once you are back in the supplier request form,  perform whatever action is requested in the sendback.   

    Example: You have been requested to provide a W9. Click on the button called W9. It will prompt you to browse your computer to bring the W9 file from wherever you have stored it, in order to upload
  3. Once W9 is uploaded, OR after whatever action that need to be done has been completed,  please state the action taken in the requester comment box and hit Save.
  4. Only this procedure will bring the supplier request form back into the queue where we have access to it to complete your request.

How do I make sure my new Supplier is setup so Checks go to a specific person (ie. Attn: John Doe)?:

To ensure your check goes to a specific person within an organization, you may:

  1. Prepare the voucher requesting a Hold Check.
  2. Pick up the check when it is ready.
  3. Prepare a cover letter including as many details as required to ensure your check goes to the right person.
  4. Mail the check and cover letter to your designated person.

Why does the University require a W-9 or W-8 be included with New Supplier Requests?:


In its effort to streamline processes and to ensure continued compliance with certain Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirements, the University will now require departments to obtain an IRS Form W-9 or Form W-8 for each new supplier.  This documentation should be submitted with the supplier setup request.

 All new suppliers (established businesses and non-employees) who submit invoices for payment, including payments for honorariums, must supply the University with a copy of the completed W-9 or W-8 form (or like form that obtains all necessary information)*. 

  • U.S. suppliers are required to provide a Form W-9
  • Non U.S. suppliers are required to provide a Form W-8.  However, there are several version of this form.  Click HERE to learn about which version to use.


  1. The W-9/W-8 ensures that the University has the payee’s correctly spelled name and correct mailing address for purposes of 1099 reporting.
  2. The W-9/W-8 ensures that the University has a business’s legal name and Doing Business As (DBA) name.
  3. The W-9/W-8 ensures that the University has a payee’s correct Tax Identification Number (FEIN or SSN).


a) You may delay the process of adding a new supplier if the above is not provided.   Asking the supplier to provide the proper documentation in the beginning of the process will help avoid any loss of time.  

b) If payment is for REFUND purposes, a W-9/W-8 is not required.


You may develop and use your own Form W-9 (a substitute Form W-9) if its content is substantially similar to the official IRS Form W-9 and it satisfies certain certification requirements.

You may incorporate a substitute Form W-9 into other business forms you customarily use, such as survey participation forms.  However, the certifications on the substitute Form W-9 must clearly state (as shown on the official Form W-9) that under penalties of perjury:

  1. The payee's TIN is correct,
  2. The payee is not subject to backup withholding due to failure to report interest and dividend income,
  3. The payee is a U.S. person, and
  4. The payee is exempt from FATCA reporting.


  1. Use a substitute Form W-9 that requires the payee, by signing, to agree to provisions unrelated to the required certifications, or
  2. Imply that a payee may be subject to backup withholding unless the payee agrees to provisions on the substitute form that are unrelated to the required certifications.

A substitute Form W-9 that contains a separate signature line just for the certifications satisfies the requirement that the certifications be clearly stated.

If a single signature line is used for the required certifications and other provisions, the certifications must be highlighted, boxed, printed in bold-face type, or presented in some other manner that causes the language to stand out from all other information contained on the substitute form.   Additionally, the following statement must be presented to stand out in the same manner as described above and must appear immediately above the single signature line:

“The Internal Revenue Service does not require your consent to any provision of this document other than the certifications required to avoid backup withholding.”

If you use a substitute form, you are required to provide the Form W-9 instructions to the payee only if he or she requests them.

Reviewed 2024-03-13

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