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The University now requires departments to obtain an IRS Form W-9 or W-8 for each new supplier.  Click HERE to learn more.


Generally speaking, what are Suppliers? 

Suppliers are persons or companies offering something for sale.  The term carries a more specific meaning within the University of Missouri’s Accounts Payable Systems.  Within PeopleSoft, a supplier is a unique individual or company who is eligible to receive payment.  In order to be paid by the University of Missouri System, an individual or company must be set up as a supplier.  This means businesses, faculty, and staff are all considered types of suppliers.

Within the University of Missouri, how do I locate, add, or make changes to a Supplier?

You can search for Suppliers using either Web Applications or PeopleSoft Production.  You may search for Suppliers by Name, or you may contact the Accounts Payable Shared Services Center to request a Supplier be searched for by Social Security Number or Federal Employer ID number.

If you have searched for a specific person or organization within both Web Applications and PeopleSoft Production, determined the person/organization does not exist, and would like a new Supplier set up, you can do so by first completing the correct W-9 or W-8 form and then attaching it to a new Supplier Registration within PeopleSoft Production.

Similar to requesting a New Supplier, you may request changes (e.g. update or replace existing address, or set up additional address) by completing the Supplier Change Request within PeopleSoft Production.

Reviewed 2021-09-15

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