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The mission statement of the University of Missouri System includes a commitment to promote lifelong learning, foster innovation and economic development, and advance health, cultural, and social interests. The university's faculty and staff make our mission a reality. The following resources can help you join our university community, or advance the career you already have, no matter which campus you're affiliated with: University of Missouri-Columbia, University of Missouri Health, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Missouri University of Science and Technology, University of Missouri-St. Louis, or the system's central administrative offices.

Systemwide executive searches

Central administrative offices searches

The following job listings for central administrative offices are posted within the MU find a job tool, which includes job listings for MU, MU Extension and UM System. To review the department to which you're applying, please check the hiring department on each vacancy notice.

Campus searches

UM System campuses list their job openings on separate websites.

Faculty and staff

Career Management

Career management is an employee-driven process with support provided by managers and the university. The UM System's career management resources help individuals manage their own careers and also help facilitate the careers of direct reports and others.

Reviewed 2022-01-20