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Compliance and Regulatory Training

Training Modules (to be assigned August 10 - September 17, 2021)

Equity in the Workplace:  Eliminating Discrimination and Harassment

Our ongoing commitment to support and promote inclusion, respect and diversity is upheld, in part, by ensuring members of the university community are educated and informed through annual training. This module covers topics related to discrimination, harassment and Title IX, as well as university policies. This training course takes about 40 minutes to complete; there is no mastery test associated with this module but it must be completed every year. 

Campus Emergency Alert Training

The University of Missouri System is committed to providing a safe and secure working and learning environment for our faculty, staff and students. Each of the four universities of the UM System has a number of safety programs, and one of the most effective programs at each university is the emergency alert system. Emergency alert systems are used to notify the campus community when there is an emergency situation, including criminal threats and/or natural disasters. This course covers basic information about the emergency alert system at each university, and provides insight on how one might respond in emergency situations. The training takes about fifteen minutes to complete; there is no mastery test associated with this module. 

Student employees are required to complete  Equity in the Workplace: Eliminating Discrimination and Harassment and  Electronic Data Protection in Percipio. They  should complete the  University of Missouri Campus Emergency Alert  Training through Canvas.

Electronic Data Protection

University policy requires that you complete cybersecurity electronic data protection training annually to protect university information assets and IT systems from electronic threats and to help protect you from cybercriminals. This module takes approximately 20 minutes and is designed to help you get to know the university's email management policy as well as tips for protecting your personal and professional information from cybercriminals.

Accessing and completing the training through Percipio

  • Log in using your University username and password.

access training

  • In the "My Assignments" section of the main page, click on "Launch Compliance Training" or "View Compliance" to begin.
  • Your assigned training modules will be visible in the "Required Compliance Assignments" section along with the due date. Select a course to begin.
  • Scroll down to the "Compliance History" section to verify your course completion(s) and access certificates. MUHC employees will check transcripts in Saba

Need support? If you have trouble logging into Percipio, contact your local IT help desk for technical support. If you have technical issues with the training, or questions about training content, please contact the HR Service Center at (800) 488-5288, toll-free at (855) 524-0002 or via email at

Accessibility: If you would like the support of assistive technologies (e.g., screen reading software, shortcut keys for all mouse actions, alternative images to replace animated graphics, elimination of screen refresh rates between 5Hz and 55Hz), check the Web Accessibility box when logging into Percipio.

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