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Compliance and Regulatory Training

Training Modules and Attestations

Please note, other trainings, in addition to those listed below, may be required based on your position or job duties. Assigned trainings will display on the “My Assignments” list in Percipio.

Campus Emergency Alert Training

Module | approx. 20 min. | Displays in Percipio as: University of Missouri System Campus Emergency Alert Training (FY23)

The university is committed to providing a safe and secure working and learning environment for  faculty, staff and students. One of the safety programs in place is the emergency alert system used to notify the campus community when there is an emergency situation, including criminal threats and/or natural disasters. To better protect and empower our community, this course shares information on how the Emergency Alert System works on campus and how you can assess and respond to emergency situations.

Student workers complete Campus Emergency Alert training through Canvas.

Code of Conduct Training

Module | approx. 15 min. | Displays in Percipio as: Our Community, Our Commitment (FY23)

The Code of Conduct is a resource that outlines our core values and standards. All faculty, staff, leaders and Board members are expected to follow the Code and related policies and procedures. This course covers key topics of the Code that connect to how we treat one another and how we conduct business, striving for respect, trust and transparency in all we do.

Student workers are not required to complete Code of Conduct training.

Electronic Data Protection

Module | approx. 20 min. | Displays in Percipio as: Electronic Data Protection (FY23)

University policy requires that you complete cybersecurity electronic data protection training annually to protect university information assets and IT systems from electronic threats and to help protect you from cybercriminals. This module is designed to help you get to know the university's email management policy as well as tips for protecting your personal and professional information from cybercriminals.

Student workers complete Electronic Data Protection training through Percipio.

Equity in the Workplace:  Eliminating Discrimination and Harassment

Attestation | approx. 5 min.| Displays in Percipio as: Equity in the Workplace - Attestation (FY23)
Module | approx. 40 min. | Displays in Percipio as: Equity in the Workplace: Eliminating Discrimination and Harassment (FY23)

Every employee has the responsibility to support an equitable work and learning environment free from discrimination. This course and attestation affirms an understanding of what discrimination and harassment are, as well as university policies and best practices that forward diversity, equity and inclusion.

Those who previously completed the course module (within the past year) may complete an attestation to meet their annual training requirement. If you have not completed Equity in the Workplace: Eliminating Discrimination and Harassment (full course) within the last year, you will need to complete this course before completing the attestation.

Student workers complete Equity in the Workplace training through Percipio.

Accessing and Completing Training (through Percipio)

access training

  • Log into Percipio using your university username and password.
  • In the "My Assignments" section of the main page, click on "Launch Compliance Training" or "View Compliance" to begin.
    • Your assigned training modules will be visible in the "Required Compliance Assignments" section along with the due date.
  • Select a course to begin.
  • Scroll down to the "Compliance History" section to verify your course completion(s) and access certificates.
    • MUHC employees will check transcripts in Saba.

Note: Platform maintenance on Percipio takes place on Sunday afternoons and training courses may be inaccessible during maintenance times. Maintenance is also scheduled for Saturday, September 17, 2022.

Questions and Technical Support

  • Trouble logging into Percipio: Contact your local IT help desk
  • Technical support when completing training: Contact Percipio Help (available 24/7) via live chat, phone or submitting a ticket online. 
    • Help options are also accessible in Percipio by clicking the account name and selecting “Help” from the dropdown menu. 
  • Question about training assignment or content: Contact the HR Service Center.

Accessibility: If you would like the support of assistive technologies (e.g., screen reading software, shortcut keys for all mouse actions, alternative images to replace animated graphics, elimination of screen refresh rates between 5Hz and 55Hz), check the 'Web Accessibility' checkbox when logging into Percipio.

Courtesy Appointments

As an individual with a courtesy appointment on a campus that is part of the University of Missouri System, you may qualify as someone required to complete the university’s annual compliance training. Please complete training as assigned in Percipio if you:

  1. Currently have contact with the campus community.
  2. See training modules assigned to you in Percipio (see Accessing and Completing Training section for access instructions).

Resources and contact information

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