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Student Involvement

Welcome a Student to Your Team

Hiring a student worker, intern or graduate assistant is a great way to add value to the overall environment of a workplace. Students also can contribute to an energetic and engaging environment and bring a fresh perspective to your office.

Would you like to positively impact a student’s professional experience? There are many ways to go about finding a student that will add value to your team, including:

  • Participating in a job fair: Each year, the Office of Careers and Culture represents departments of the UM System central administration who are looking for students to join their team. Since the central administration offices are located in Columbia, MO, the careers and culture team represents UM System at the MU Part-Time Job Fair at the end of August. For more information on this free service, contact If you are interested in identifying students from other campuses to join your team, you may contact the Office of Careers and Culture or locate services in the Partner with Student Organizations section of this webpage.
  • Post a job: Each university within the UM System has a method for posting student jobs. These job boards are a great way to reach a variety of students:
  • Contacting related programs: Find students in the same field of study as the position. For instance, if looking for an accounting intern, the accounting department chair may have students to recommend.
  • Networking: Work your network here on campus by asking trusted professors, staff or current student workers for recommendations.
  • Attend meetings of professionally-oriented student organizations: Student organizations can help you find students with a particular interest or skill. For example, looking for a student with strong written communication skills? You could reach out to the English at MU organization or English Graduate Student Association.

Once you’ve hired a student, be sure to welcome them to the team effectively. Check out the Student Onboarding Guide (MS Word, 133KB) to get you started—it provides an overview of UM System as well as a checklist for both the supervisor and student. Note that the highlighted information is specific to the Office of Human Resources but can be replaced with your department-specific information.

Want more information? The Supervisors Encouraging Excellence and Development (SEED) Program at the University of Missouri-Columbia has both workshops and online resources to create a positive student experience.  Check out their website to learn more. 

Partner with Student Organizations

Would you like the opportunity to get involved with students? There are a variety of student organizations that you could potentially partner with!

Visit the following links to find one that interests you:

Reviewed 2019-08-05