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Supervisor Development Series

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The Supervisor Development Series is a seven-course program geared toward employees who are new to a position with supervisory responsibility. Participants would ideally attend this series as a part of their onboarding process (post hire, reclassification, etc.). Those with existing supervisory responsibilities are also welcome and encouraged to register. The series includes:

  • Curriculum from the historical series delivered by each campus, updated with new best practices.
  • An asynchronous learning component through Percipio, to provide flexibility for participants.
  • A synchronous learning portion to encourage real-time questions and collaboration.
  • Knowledge from subject matter experts from across all universities.
  • Upon completion, thoughtful recommendations for continued professional development through other relevant programming

Feedback will be gathered throughout the learning process so we can continuously improve each session and the series.


  • Seven live, instructor-led sessions (90-minutes each, 100% virtual).
  • Asynchronous work assigned through a “learning journey” in Percipio.
    • Curated, mobile-friendly content includes required work as well as additional resources.
  • Sessions offered weekly in a continuous rotation throughout the year. This format enables flexibility for make-up sessions, timely start for new hires and a predictable format for planning purposes for both participants and facilitators.


Communication, Professionalism and Foundations of Supervision (asynchronous)

Making the transition from individual contributor to frontline leader can be a daunting adjustment. Moving into a supervisory role involves more than just a new title. It means adopting a leadership mindset; developing new skills and leadership competencies; knowledge of HR laws; and understanding new relationships with those above and below you on the organizational chart.

Percipio Asset(s); Professional Reputations (video); Tying Role Clarity to Internal Customer Service (video); Facing Challenges as a First Time Manager (course); The Reality of Being a First Time (course)


Culture and Inclusion

The concept of culture and its impact on our values and communication styles can be misunderstood, so we will explore these in this session. In this course you will learn to apply an intercultural communication framework for understanding cultural differences and learn a framework for cultural competence and how it applies to your work environment.

Percipio Asset(s): Workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Action (course)


Interviewing, Selecting and Onboarding Employees

This course provides supervisors with an insight into their unique role in hiring the right person for the job and outlines the best practices for interviewing and selecting employees. We will cover the key elements of an effective onboarding program and explain how onboarding is different from traditional orientation.

Percipio Asset(s): Ensuring Onboarding Success (course)


Coaching Conversations and Performance Feedback

Great coaches don’t do a lot talking; they ask a lot of questions. If you’re telling others what to do or handing out a lot of advice, it’s time to brush up on your coaching skills. This session will also cover the ePerformance tool and help to prepare you to have performance feedback conversations.

Percipio Asset(s): Expert Insights on Coaching (course)


Leave and Accommodations

In this course, we will address the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is imperative these employment laws are complied with to ensure employees are treated appropriately. The information provided in this session will explain the laws as well as the resources available to you to ensure you are in compliance.


Effective Discipline and Navigating Conflict

Negative behaviors have negative consequences. We provide supervisors and employees resources to establish organizational policies and guidelines to ensure consistent communication of expectations. When inconsistencies occur, they should be dealt with fairly across employee groups, following a documented process. In this course, we'll explore ways to deal with conflict and the best practices for effective discipline.

Percipio Asset(s): Confronting Workplace Conflict (course)


Employee Engagement and Recognition

To truly motivate others, find out what inspires them and where they find purpose. It’s not an insurmountable challenge; it's as simple as asking questions, offering your trust and recognizing contributions.

Percipio Asset(s): Employee Engagement (video); Creating Engaged Employees: It’s Worth the Investment (audio summary); Leading by Motivating (course)


Reviewed 2021-11-15