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Online learning is sponsored by the University of Missouri (UM) System Office of Human Resources. Percipio is an online tool that helps us support our ongoing commitment to the continuing development of faculty and staff. Percipio offers training and resources in many areas, including leadership, software applications, professional effectiveness and legal compliance in the workplace. Users can choose to follow learning paths curated based on role or the skills they'd like to develop. They can also select from over 700 learning channels, each based on a skill employees and organizations regularly identify as valuable.

Percipio integrates with Microsoft Teams for collective learning experiences that support collaboration and shared growth. In addition, users can learn wherever and on whatever device works best for them. Percipio is not intended to replace instructor-led training courses. Rather, it supplements traditional training methods and leverages our existing resources by providing just-in-time access to development materials for professional and personal skill-building.

Accessing Percipio

  • Go to
  • Log in using your University of Missouri user name and password
  • Accessibility: If you would like the support of assistive technologies (e.g., screen reader software, shortcut keys for all mouse actions, alternative images to replace animated graphics, eliminations of screen refresh rates between 5Hz and 55Hz), check the Web Accessibility check box when logging in.

Navigating Percipio

Trouble with the video? View the video on YouTube.

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Technical Skill Enhancement

The effective use of technology in your day-to-day work is essential. Is there a technology about which you would like to learn more? Percipio offers a variety of courses on software and other technologies that are used within the UM System. A few of these courses are highlighted below:


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If you are a leader looking for support in your role, Percipio offers resources around coaching, driving employee performance, empowering others, leading teams through a crisis, and much more. A few courses are highlighted below. Check out the Leadership page to learn more.


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  Image of three colleagues standing side by side

Additional Guidance

For additional technical guidance on accessing and using Percipio, please visit our Percipio Support Guide.

Reviewed 2022-12-15