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The mission of the University of Missouri, as a land-grant university and Missouri’s only public research and doctoral-level institution, is to discover, disseminate, preserve, and apply knowledge.  The university promotes learning by its students and lifelong learning by Missouri’s citizens, fosters innovation to support economic development, and advances the health, cultural, and social interests of the people of Missouri, the nation, and the world.

Strategic Planning

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Together, the four campuses and system of the University of Missouri System serve the people of Missouri, the nation and the world; and it is the fundamental responsibility of the university to seek and manage resources in the best interest of the citizens of Missouri.

We know that in order to continue to serve our state we must chart a course that ensures our vitality well into the future.  This requires strategic thinking about the university's areas of focus and how to apply precious resources to those endeavors. 

Information on this website, as well as each campus strategic planning site, outlines our collective course. Recognizing the uniqueness of our campuses and the system, each has developed clear and compelling strategy statements intended to guide the university in its operations and to drive the trade-offs required by the constraints on resources.  Each strategy includes a clear and measurable time bound objective, the scope or description of the constituencies to be served, as well as the advantage, or the customer value proposition and the unique activities that allow the organization alone to deliver the strategy. The plans also includes the actions that each campus and system administration will undertake to achieve its strategy, as well as the metrics that will allow us to gauge progress and the supporting financial plan.

The plans are designed to be reviewed annually in order to add, delete or otherwise modify the actions and the projected funding needs that support the achievement of the strategy on a go forward basis. Funding targeted for implementation of the strategic plans is allocated based on the set of four criteria developed jointly by the system and campuses. 

The outcome of our strategic planning process reflects a tremendous amount of hard work and effort by many and we are pleased to share with you the strategic plans for the University of Missouri.  

Reviewed 2015-11-13.