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Employee Engagement and Retention

Stay Interviews

A stay interview is an informal conversation between a manager and an employee intended to help the manager understand what keeps the employee working at the university. It is a great tool for managers to understand what they can do to keep valued employees. Stay interviews can be conducted at any time and are useful to conduct at regular intervals, especially when job circumstances change.

Check out the Stay Interviews Quick Reference (PDF, 176KB) for additional information.

Training Modules

Employee Engagement and Retention

One of our most important resources is the wealth of knowledge, experience, and talent our employees bring to our workplace every day. Just as we have to be focused on the results expected of our team members, office, department, college, school or division, we also have a responsibility to think about how we retain our talented employees.

The Percipio Journey titled Employee Engagement and Retention consists of three tracks covering topics like promoting engagement, retaining employees and stay interviews.

Building a Performance Culture

To encourage continuous growth, the university has implemented a review process that includes three Performance Check-Ins per year. Each check-in will provide employees and managers a chance to discuss recent efforts, goals, and opportunities for growth. Employees and managers will also share mutual feedback and plan for the months ahead. Progress Check-Ins are just one step in the continuous process of improving the way our university functions.

You can learn more about the Progress Check-In process and building a culture of performance by completing the Building a Performance Culture module in Percipio.

Reviewed 2022-09-29