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Voluntary Separations: Resignations and Retirements

Manager Checklist 

As a manager, it can be challenging to lose a direct report—you may be concerned about how the work will get done and how the resignation will affect the rest of your team. Beyond the broad impact a resignation can have, there are many logistical aspects to take care of when an employee resigns. Refer to the checklist below to stay organized. For guidance, please reach out to the employee relations consultant in Human Resources.

  Contact Human Resources

  • Contact the employee relations consultant in Human Resources to ensure you are taking necessary actions for voluntary separations, including encouraging your employees to participate in an exit interview and/or survey.

  Create a transition plan with the employee

  • Include what tasks will be:
    • Handed off to another employee.
    • Completed by the employee before the last day.
    • Put on hold.
  • Ensure that important or exclusive information is communicated to you.


   Determine how to communicate the departure

  • Work with the employee on the specifics, such as with whom to communicate.
  • Ensure you include specifics when discussing the departure with the rest of the team, such as who will be taking on the additional work.


   Ensure that university property is returned

  • Laptop/computer (call the IT Helpdesk to have the computer wiped)
  • Security badge
  • University ID
  • Parking pass
  • Keys
  • Purchasing card
  • Other department-specific items


   Work with your department to finalize the departure

  • Complete an ePAF. Once complete, all security permissions will be dropped off.
  • Update the organizational chart and directory information (e.g., staff directory webpage, contact lists, etc.).
  • Reassign or delete WATS number.
  • Discuss the plan for the vacant position.


   Consider organizing a gathering for the employee

  • Send the employee off on a positive note and thank them for what they have accomplished.

   Reflect on the reasons the employee is resigning

  • There are many reasons why someone may resign, many of which are out of the manager's control.
  • However, use the experience as an opportunity to reflect on your managerial skills and style. What can you do to grow in your own role?

Employee Checklist

Are you leaving or retiring from the university? Whether you are retiring or moving on to another role, exiting a current employer can be a busy time. Use the checklist below to help make the transition easier for you.  


   Prepare documentation

  • For retirements: Submit a Notice of Intent to Retire Form at least 60 days prior to your retirement date. Refer to the retirement planning checklist for a link to this form and other items to complete.
  • For resignations: Communicate to your manager that you are resigning and submit a written resignation letter with at least two weeks working notice 


   Create a transition plan with your manager

  • Include what tasks will be:
    • ​Handed off to another employee.
    • Completed by the employee before the last day.
    • Put on hold.
  • Ensure that you communicate important or exclusive information to your manager.


   Determine how to communicate your departure

  • Discuss the specifics, including who and how you will communicate.


   Return any university property

  • Laptop/computer
  • Security badge
  • University ID
  • Parking pass
  • Keys
  • Purchasing card
  • Other department-specific items


   Prepare for your last day

  • Clean out your workspace.
  • Pass on important hard-copy materials to your manager.
  • Turn in any outstanding expense or travel reports.
  • Update your address and W2 e-Consent Status in myHR.
  • Set up an out of office automatic reply in Outlook. (Keep it simple: "Thank you for your email. For questions about pending patents, please contact Jane Smith.")
  • Submit any hours worked on your timesheet.


   Participate in an exit interview or survey with Human Resources

For your information

Your username and password will continue to work for myHR so you are able to access documents such as your W2.

The HR Service Center can answer any questions that you may have about your benefits. For important information on leave accruals, benefits and other topics, please see related HR Policies:

Exit Interview and Survey

UM System’s exit interview and survey process aim to add value, and thus will reach for the following goals:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of HR practices at the university.
  • Understand how employees perceive their jobs.
  • Gather data on managerial effectiveness.

Participating in an exit interview and/or survey is not required, but is encouraged. Data from the exit interview and survey will be reviewed on a biannual basis. Once results are analyzed and summarized, a report will be provided to HR Leadership. From there, action steps will be determined. To participate in an exit interview or survey, please contact the employee relations consultant in Human Resources. 

Reviewed 2021-02-17