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Talent Pipeline Development

Talent Pipeline Development is a process for the identification and development of employees for key positions in the university. Effective planning increases the availability of experienced, capable employees that can fill positions as needed and can help reduce the knowledge that is lost when a key person leaves. For those reasons, talent pipeline development is critical, particularly when many employees are expected to leave in a short timeframe (e.g., several retirements happening at once). While planning is most commonly executed at the top levels of an organization, it is useful for any positions that require a steep learning curve to perform effectively.

There are many ways to create and implement a talent pipeline plan. One way is the Talent Review Process, which is an face‐to‐face meeting of leaders to discuss strengths, areas for development, potential developmental opportunities and possible career paths of employees. There are two main objectives of the Talent Review Process: a) increase the visibility of talented employees and b) increase the validity of decisions involving high potential identification and developmental opportunities. To get you started, several resources are provided below. As it is often helpful to have an experienced facilitator guide the process, please reach out to the careers and culture team if you would like assistance.

Talent Review Process Resources

Reviewed 2019-08-05