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Administrative Leadership Development Program (ALDP)

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Applications for the 2024 cohort are open through March 1, 2024


The University of Missouri System Administrative Leadership Development Program (ALDP) is a prestigious program that provides professional development opportunities and ongoing support to administrative leaders on all campuses systemwide. ALDP enhances leadership effectiveness by focusing on five core leadership competencies:

  • Performance Oriented
  • People Centered
  • Culturally Competent
  • Values Driven
  • Strategic and Integrative Leaders

Since 2005, ALDP has supported an annual cohort of administrative leaders who demonstrate the qualities of the University of Missouri System name and represent the best of leadership at a higher education institution.


Dr. Elson S. Floyd served as UM System President from 2003-2007. During his tenure, the program, which was formerly just the Leadership Development Program (LDP) designed for faculty development, was expanded to include staff leaders as the ALDP.

Info Sessions

Want to learn more about ALDP? Attend an information session, held via Zoom, for additional details about the program:

  • Additional dates coming soon; please check back

Program Goals

Administrative leaders uphold and define the University of Missouri System mission and the direction and values of its departments. We believe that by investing in the professional development of administrative leaders, we are investing in a vibrant future for our organization. The goals of the program are as follows:

  • Engage a diverse group of administrative leaders from across the UM System. Provide support to ALDP participants through program content, relationship building within the cohort and exposure to resources within the UM System.
  • Advance individual and collective leadership capacity through skill building, targeted application exercises and disciplined reflection around the five core leadership competencies (Performance Oriented, People Centered, Culturally Competent, Values Driven and Strategic and Integrative Leader).
  • Provide an opportunity for leaders to explore complex dynamics within the organization and propose actions that would make the UM System a better place to work, learn and grow.

Example Curriculum

  • Leading yourself
    • Values-based leadership
    • Strengths-based assessment
    • Establishing a personal vision statement
  • Leading others
    • Giving and receiving feedback
    • Coaching and employee recognition
    • Inclusive leadership
    • 360 leadership assessment
  • Leading the organization
    • Higher education leadership
    • Structure and governance of the UM System
    • Innovation

What ALDP Participants Can Expect

  • Eight-month active learning engagement
    • Three, two-day in person retreats (dates listed below)
    • Monthly campus group meetings (one hour per month)
    • Additional time to complete assessments and learning assignments
  • Ongoing support from program facilitators, ALDP alumni and organizational leaders

ALDP Participant Criteria

ALDP Participant Leadership Performance
  • Demonstrate performance as an administrative leader
  • Provide leadership to units with a significant impact on services and resources of the university
  • Have potential for advancement to other leadership roles
  • Demonstrate interest in personal and professional development
Target Audience GGS Job Grade 12 or above (or equivalent role/responsibility)

Have the ability to attend all sessions and activities of the program in person (in Columbia):

  • Session 1: April 23-24, 2024
  • Session 2: July 23-24, 2024
  • Session 3: October 22-23, 2024
Supervisor Support Have the active support of supervisor(s) and unit
  • Be willing to engage with other participants and facilitators virtually and in-person (when circumstances allow)
  • Be willing to serve as a “peer coach” to others in the program
  • Must fully participate in activities and sessions to complete the program and be considered a graduate of ALDP


How to Apply

Interested in applying for ALDP? Complete the application via Qualtrics to apply for the 2024 cohort.

Please be prepared to answer the following questions: 

  1. What are your personal and professional goals for participating in ALDP? (1200 character limit)
  2. How will your participation in ALDP benefit your department and institution? (600 character limit)
  3. Please tell us about current or previous leadership experiences you have had. (1200 character limit)

Campus HR departments coordinate the selection of the ALDP cohort. Due to the large number of highly competitive applications, not all who apply will be accepted to the program.


This professional development opportunity is provided by the University of Missouri System Office of Human Resources, with no cost to participants.


Contact the UM Human Resources Learning and Organizational Development team at

Program Alumni

A cohort is selected annually to engage in the year-long program. Past cohorts are great resources and can explain the program and serve as a broader network of leaders. Access a list of ALDP alumni in our alumni directory.

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