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HR-114 Release of Employee Information


All personal employee information will be regarded as confidential, and careful consideration must be given to ensuring this confidentiality unless disclosure is required by law. The University is subject to statutory requirements which make public employees' name, office address, position or job title, length of service, and salary information, and is published annually in the Official Manual of the State of Missouri. An employee may request to review his/her official personnel file by appointment with advance notice of at least one workday.


Every reasonable precaution must be taken to assure the privacy and confidentiality of employee information. On-line access to employment information will be limited to authorized users. Level and type of access will be based on information needed by the user to perform work-related duties. Information obtained directly or indirectly from the HR/Payroll/Benefits database will be retained internally in a secure manner.


Requests for information about current or past employees who have provided written permission to release employment information must be referred to Human Resources for response. The official employee file for any employee is the one maintained by that office. This provision does not preclude a faculty or staff member from responding directly to reference inquiries on the basis of personal knowledge.

Information regarding current or past employees who have not provided written permission to release employment information may be released unless the individual was required to be a student to qualify for that position. If any employment has been in a student title and therefore involves information protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), no information regarding the student employment, including the acknowledgement that the individual was a student employee, may be released without written permission of the student employee. For any employment not in a student title, Human Resource Services will then determine what information may be released.


If approved by Human Resources as not involving student employment the following information may be released without authorization: name, position or job title, verification of current or past employment, home department, campus mailing address, campus telephone number, campus e-mail address and salary information. Salary information is available at each campus library.

Unless disclosure is required by law, any additional information in the official personnel file is not to be released without written authorization from either the employee or from the President, Chancellor, or a designated representative who has determined that the information may be released having considered the overall nature and logic of the request and the laws involved.

Computerized listings of employee salary information will not be provided except as required by law. The cost of providing computerized listings of employee information will be borne by the person/organization receiving the information. In no case will computerized listings of employee information be provided to individuals or organizations for the purpose of soliciting business or promoting commercial products or commercial services, unless required by law.

Official Personnel Files:

An employee may request to review his/her official personnel file by appointment with an advance notice of at least one workday. The official personnel file is maintained by Human Resource Services and typically includes such information as employment documentation, training records, and any specific pay provisions. It may include items not available for employee review such as letters of recommendation and confidential legal documents available for use only by appropriate supervisory personnel.


An employee may restrict the release of his/her home mailing address and home telephone number for any purpose other than disclosure as required by law by checking the appropriate box on the Personal Data Form (UMUW Form 272) or the Change of Address Form (UMUW Form 282).

Date Created: 9/26/97

Last Updated: 10/16/08

Reviewed 2019-08-12