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Searching for Suppliers in Web Apps

Click HERE for a step by step guide.

To search for suppliers, begin by logging into Web Applications. Click on FIN Search Options. You can search for a supplier by name or by the supplier ID number.

To search for a supplier by name, in the Look For field, enter the supplier name. If the full name is unknown, enter what is known of the supplier name. From the drop-down menu, select Supplier Name and click Submit.

Note: When searching by name, you must use supplier naming conventions. Supplier naming conventions are common abbreviations for frequently used names or descriptions. If a supplier name contains a naming convention, you may not be able to find the supplier if the naming convention is not entered in your search.

Ex. United States Department of Agriculture => US DEPT of AG

To search for a supplier by the supplier ID number, enter the supplier ID number into the Look For field. Next, select Supplier ID from the drop-down menu, and click Submit.

After clicking Submit, review the results screen to identify whether the supplier exists. If the supplier does not exists, review the Supplier Registration training materials for instructions to have the supplier added to the PeopleSoft system.

If the supplier exists, determine whether the address that you need exists. If the address exists, note the sequence number so that you can select the correct address sequence when creating a payment request. If the address that you need does not exist, review the Supplier Change Request training materials for instructions how to add the address.

Reviewed 2021-09-22

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