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The One Card Program

The University of Missouri System One Card program is designed to provide a more efficient means of making routine purchases and payments, as well as travel and travel related expenditures (excluding per diem expenses).

This card will enable those granted delegated authority to purchase non-restricted commodities from merchants in person, by phone, fax or internet directly. It eliminates the need for issuing low-dollar purchase orders, reduces blanket purchase orders and minimizes the use of Direct Expenditure Vouchers.


University Policies & Procedures Related to One Card Purchases

If you are new to purchasing, or would like more information on the different acquisition methods used by the University, additional live training is offered. You'll leave this session knowing who to contact and where to find information on the right way to acquire and pay for goods and services. There will be information for both seasoned and new employees. Available classes can be found at: How to Pay for Goods and Services.

The University provides an on-line How to Buy tool. This system is designed to help guide you toward the right decisions when procuring goods or services on behalf of the University.


One Card Application Form

A Cardholder Application Form, located in PeopleSoft myForms, must be submitted to request a new card. The on-line application can be filled out by the potential cardholder or someone on his/her behalf. It will be electronically routed to the appropriate individuals for approval and then to the One Card Team for processing.

For information on how to Navigate to and fill out a One Card Application, you may reference the One Card Application Form Quick Reference Guide.


Cardholder Training

When the application is submitted, a notification will be sent to the cardholder with information regarding training. Cardholder training, which outlines how to properly use a One Card, is required before a card is issued to a new cardholder. Annual training is required in order to retain the One Card. Training is available on demand and can be found within Percipio. Each session ends with a quiz and agreement of the Responsibilities and Terms of being a cardholder. The One Card team will be automatically notified upon successful completion of the training.

 The following steps will take you to the training module:

  • Log into Percipio with your SSO UserlD and Password
  • In the search field at the top of the page, enter "One Card Cardholder Training"
  • Click on Watch to proceed with the training, agreement and quiz 


Additional Resources

Training and Support Services  provides phone support 8:30am to 12:30pm and email support between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. TSS is available to address your questions and provide assistance in areas related but not limited to: Procurement/Supply Chain, Accounting and Budgeting and the related systems of PeopleSoft, Web Applications, and Hyperion. By utilizing Training and Support Service, you receive the assistance you need and help us identify possible enhancements and training opportunities.

All Campuses: 573-884-1234

Toll Free: 877-752-3334

Email: Training and Support Services (

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