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I am not sure I know what Faculty Accomplishment System (FAS) is currently used by the university.  Can I see how it works?

The current Faculty Accomplishment System can be view by clicking on the link provided and typing in your user name and password.  Please note that this is an active, live reporting system so if you enter any data it will be reported.

Why doesn't the university just build its own system?

There is now a market for this type of product that was not in existence when the current FAS was built.

How was feedback provided on which software solution the UM System should select?

Over the course of a year, focus groups of faculty and administrators as well as open forums of were conducted on each campus.  Additional feedback was gathered from other stakeholders such as librarians and institutional research.  Lastly, vendor demonstrations were broadcast via live stream and recorded so that comments and questions could be submitted during the live broadcast in person, by email or via a feedback form which was made available on this website.

What will happen to the "old", legacy data that I've been entering into FAS?

That data will still be made available as a read-only file that you could export to a tab-delimited or Excel file.  The data will not go away but after a certain date, you will no longer be able to enter new information.  We will keep you posted as that date draws near.  Moving forward, it will be determined on a school or college level as to whether or not data from FAS is wanted and imported into the new software solution.

My department already has its own reporting system.  Will I be required to use this one?

Whether or not implementation will be mandatory will be determined at a later date by campus leaders.

When will full implementation begin?

A committee recommendation to the general officers took place November 2013 and the selected vendor will be announced soon.  A phase-in implementation will begin in spring 2014.  Full implementation may begin as early as summer 2014 though this timeline is subject to change.

Reviewed 2014-01-02.