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Spring 2016 course sharing proposals due March 25 from your campus provost office.


The Intercampus Course Sharing initiative was designed to encourage the sharing of courses among the four UM System campuses to increase options for students, provide opportunities for faculty development leaves, or even expand departmental offerings. Through the initiative courses can be delivered via conferencing software, as a blended or hybrid course, as a fully online class, or through other similar methods. 

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Fall 2015 List of shared courses avaible on the student's home campus

Field of Study

Course number 


Name of Course

Location of the Student

Location of the Instructor

Term Offered Campus Contacts

ACT 5587

Research and Professional Writing in Accounting UMKC UMSL  

UMKC-Nancy Weatherholt
UMSL-Pamela Stuerke

Biology   Life Sciences - Bench to Bedside UMSL UMKC  

UMSL-Ron Yasbin
UMSL-Patricia Parker
UMKC-Ted White
UMKC-Gerald Wyckoff

Biology BIOL 485 (UMKC) Global Climate Change UMKC UMSL  
Biology  BIOL 4920 (UMSL) Global Health: New Diseases UMSL UMKC  
Biology   Bioinformatics UMSL UMKC  
Biology   Biology - Ornithology UMKC UMSL  
Biology   Biology of Plants UMKC UMSL  
Biology   Conservation Biology UMKC UMSL  
Civil Engineering

CE 4500

Introduction to Construction Management MU S&T   S&T-Eric Showalter

TCH ED 6265


Bilingual Education Seminar MU, UMKC, UMSL Host will rotate starting with MU Fall 2014   MU-Rachel Pinnow
MU-Lisa Dorner
UMSL-Kim Song
UMKC-Uzziel Pecina
Educational Leadership EDLPA 9407 Seminar in Educational Policy (Historical and Cultural Perspectives on Global Issues) MU UMSL  

UMSL-Laura Westhoff

MU-Lisa Dorner

Electrical & Computer Engineering EE 5001  (S&T) Emerging Nanotechnologies S&T UMKC  

S&T-Kelvin Erickson
UMKC-Ghulam Chaudhry

Electrical & Computer Engineering

ECE 401IN/ ECE 5590IN

Interference Control in Electronic Systems UMKC S&T  
Electrical & Computer Engineering EE 5001 (S&T) Light & Switch Surges Power S&T UMKC  
Electrical & Computer Engineering ECE 5590SI (UMKC) Signal Integrity UMKC S&T  
Environmental Engineering/ Forestry


Watershed Management and Water Quality S&T MU  

S&T-Joel Burken
MU-Mark Virkler

Geology   Field Methods in 3D Imaging of the Environment MU UMKC Spring 2016  
Labor Studies HIST 366RR (UMKC) American Labor History UMKC UMSL Spring 2016  
Labor Studies POL SCI 5580A (UMKC) Labor Law UMKC UMSL Spring 2016  
Language & Global Education SPAN 4980/7980 and FRENCH 4980/7980 (MU) Language Theories and Global issues UMSL MU Spring 2016 UMSL - Ruth Henderickson
Language & Global Education TCD ED 7220 (UMSL) Leadership and Organization for Language Education MU UMSL Spring 2016 UMSL - Kim Song

MATH 7960 (MU)

Speical Readings: Mathematical Foundation of Finite Element Methods MU S&T Spring 2016

S&T-Xiaoming He

Medieval Studies ENGL 4005 or HIST 4005 (UMKC) Topics: Monasitc Worlds UMKC MU Spring 2016

MU - Lois Huneycutt 

UMKC - Virginia Blanton

UMKC - Linda Mitchell

Nursing   Care of Childbearing Woman UMSL UMKC  

UMKC-Ann Cary
UMSL-Susan Dean-Baar

Nursing   Women's Health I:  Diagnosis and Management for Advance Practice Nurses UMKC UMSL  
Nursing   Primary Health Care of Women UMSL UMKC  
Nursing   Women's Health II: Diagnosis and Management for Advance Practice Nurses UMKC UMSL  
Philosophy   Introduction to Ethics UMSL S&T  

UMSL-Andrew Black
S&T-Jonathan Finch
S&T-Joel Dittmer

Philosophy PHIL 2001  (S&T) Speical Topics: Ethics in Science S&T UMSL Spring 2016
Philosophy PHIL      (UMSL) Kant and the 19th C. UMSL S&T Spring 2016
Physics PHYSICS 4323 (UMSL) Classical Optics UMSL S&T   S&T-Alexy Yamilov
Physics   Nanotechnology Offered via the Missouri Physics Collaboration - MU and UMSL are members. S&T   S&T-Alexey Yamilov

PHYSICS 4001 (S&T)

Relativity and Cosmology S&T UMSL  

S&T-Dan Waddill
UMSL-Ta-Pei Cheng

Social Work SOC WK 6444 (UMSL)  Advanced Social Work Practice in Integrated Health Care UMSL MU Spring 2016

MU-Suzanne Cary

UMSL-Sharon Johnson

Social Work SOC WK 6900 (UMSL) Military Culture: Issues for Helping Professionals UMSL MU  

UMSL-Lois Pierce
MU-Marjorie Sable

Social Work

SOC WK 7001

Social Policy and Military Veterans MU UMSL  
Technical Writing ENGLISH 2120 (UMSL) Introduction to Technical Communication UMSL MU  

S&T-Ed Malone
S&T-Kathryn Northcut
S&T-David Wright
UMSL-William Klein
UMSL-Jeanne Allison

Technical Writing ENGLISH 2120 (UMSL) Technical Marketing Communication UMSL S&T  
Technical Writing TCH COM 3001
Business Writing S&T UMSL Spring 2016
Technical Writing ENGLISH 3560
Technical Writing S&T UMSL  
Technical Writing ENLGISH 3001 (S&T) Writing in the Sciences S&T UMSL Spring 2016
Technical Writing ENGLISH 4160 (UMSL) Help Authoring UMSL S&T  
Technical Writing

ENLGISH 3001 (S&T)

Advanced Business and Technical Writing S&T UMSL  
Technical Writing


Editing S&T UMSL  
Technical Writing

TCH COM 5001 (S&T)

Special Topics in Writing: Technical Presentations S&T UMSL  
Technical Writing ENGLISH 4160 (UMSL) International Dimensions of Technical Communication UMSL S&T  
Technical Writing   Usability Studies UMSL S&T  
Technical Writing ENGLISH 4160 (UMSL) Proposal Writing UMSL S&T  
Technical Writing   Technical Editing UMSL S&T Spring 2016
Technical Writing   Web-Based Communication UMSL S&T Spring 2016  
Technology, Context of HISTORY 3001
The Networked Society S&T UMSL  

S&T-Jeff Schramm
UMSL-Larry Irons 
UMSL-Robert O'Keel

Technology, Context of HISTORY 4001
Social Informatics S&T UMSL  
Technology, Contect of   Society and Technology S&T UMSL Spring 2016
Technology, Context of   History of Technology UMSL S&T  
Technology, Context of SOC 3291 (UMSL) Current Issues in Sociology (Architecture, Technology and Society; 1750-Present) UMSL S&T  

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