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Internal Audit Steering Committee

Walter Branson

Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration, S&T
210 Parker Hall

Jane Closterman

Controller, UM System
118 University Hall

Cindy Cover

Manager, Human Resources, UM System
215 University Hall

Bob Crutsinger

Director, Accounting Services, UMKC
224 Administrative Center

Phillip Hoskins

Deputy General Counsel, UM System
227 University Hall

Nilufer Joseph, Chair

Director, Financial Services, Finance, UM System
215 University Hall

James Krueger

Vice Chancellor for Managerial & Technological Services, UMSL
324 Woods Hall

Kevin Necas

Chief Financial Officer, University of Missouri Health Care

Thomas Richards

Interim Vice President for Finance and Treasurer, UM System
215 University Hall

Paul Toler

Associate Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services, UMC
319 Jesse Hall

Michelle Wisdom

Information Technology Compliance Officer, UMC
W007 Locust Street Building

Reviewed 2014-02-24.