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Chapter 170: Communications

170.020 University Press

Bd. Min. 5-3-58, p. 12,640; Bd. Min. 10-5-62, p. 21,311; Bd. Min. 1-19-68, p. 33,640; Amended Bd. Min. 3-25-83; Revised 10-1-98.

  1. Established
    1. Whereas, it is deemed necessary to unite the editorial and publication functions now exercised by the University of Missouri Studies and the Missouri Hand Book Series published by the College of Arts and Science and make provision for the publication of such books as the University decides are desirable from the standpoint of the University and the State and to make provision for the handling of these matters under one head.
    2. Now, therefore, be it resolved that there is established effective July 1, 1958, the University of Missouri Press. The President of the University shall appoint a Faculty Committee and a Director of the University of Missouri Press and all members of said committee and Director shall report to the President of the University.
  2. Contracts
    1. The President of the University is authorized to approve all contracts of the University Press, both with the authors and for printing and supplies, and that upon such approval the contracts be executed by the Vice President for Finance and Administration as other contracts and that the President's action in approving all such contracts shall have the same force and effect as if approved by the Board.
    2. The President of the University is authorized to designate the fund or funds to be used in meeting the cost of such publications.
  3. Curators Publication Award
    1. An Award known as the Curators Publication Award shall be offered no more than once a year to a faculty member of the University of Missouri for an outstanding manuscript selected by the Press Committee and published by the University Press.
    2. The initial stipend associated with the award will be $2,500. The President may adjust the stipend from time to time as appropriate.

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