Chapter 250: Student Organizations

250.010 Approval of Student Organizations

Bd. Min. 5-14-48, p. 4196; Bd. Regs. Book dated 12-10-49, p. 82, as amended; Bd. Min. 9-8-50, p. 5,375; Bd. Min. 5-24-01.

  1. Official Approval -- Recognition -- Campus student organizations must receive official approval through a campus recognition process that is approved by the Chancellor, reviewed by the General Counsel and approved by the President. This process shall also include guidelines for continued recognition of student organizations.
  2. Membership -- Members must be currently enrolled students of the University or current University employees.
  3. Conduct Standards and Discipline -- Each Chancellor shall establish conduct standards and disciplinary procedures for student organizations, which must be reviewed by General Counsel and approved by the President.

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