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Donna Johanning


1000 W Nifong
Bldg 7-Ste 300
Columbia, MO 65211
Telephone: (573) 882-3056 


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  • Required on all transactions
  • Eight alphanumeric characters:
    • Alpha designation of the Business Unit is the first character
    • Numeric digits are the second through eighth characters
  • Represents the lowest budget level in an organization
  • Needed for each activity having different program classifications (instruction, research, etc.)
  • Trees are used to organize DeptIDs into campus organizational structures:



  • C0705001-C0705999 are all of the DeptIDs in Campus Dining
  • C0705004 – Dept ID for Blair Oasis
  • C0705008 – DeptID for Hitt Street Market
  • C0710001-C0710999 are all of the DeptIDs in the Career Planning Placement Center
  • C0710011 – Dept ID for CPPC Conference
  • C0710015 – Dept ID for Career Plan Placement Ctr 5300

Reviewed 2012-01-24.