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Strategic Project Management Office

The Strategic Project Management Office (SPMO), was championed by the Operational Excellence Initiative and serves the University of Missouri Enterprise by lending strategic planning, portfolio and resource planning, and project management expertise to the IT Enabled Portfolio.  With its team of certified business analysts and project managers, the SPMO is the destination for project management tools, templates and methodologies which support successful projects and programs within the University of Missouri.  Members of the SPMO team are responsible for the management of identified projects, development of and training on standard project management tools and methodologies, planning and provision of strategic communication regarding projects and portfolios, management of the portfolio of projects, and identification of available resources to accomplish projects.  In addition, members of the SPMO often work with System teams to guide strategic planning, business process development and improvement, and the use of project management tools. 

Reviewed 2019-08-05

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Strategic Project
Management Office

615 Locust St., W104
Columbia, MO 65211
Telephone: (573) 882-9200