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IT Enabled Portfolio

The IT Enabled Project Portfolio includes all university projects that are undertaken to support the functional pillars and also require some level of Information Technology support.  Priority projects are identified within the pillars of Finance, Human Resources, Campus Solutions, and Information Technology and brought forward to the OEI where the OEI Governance reconciles the portfolio for priority and availability of necessary project resources.  The functional groups that prioritize projects within each pillar are:

  • Human Resource Council (HRC)
  • Administrative Management Council (AMC)
  • Student Administrative Systems will be the responsibility of the UM Academic Officers, as well as Vice Chancellors for Student Affairs on two of the campuses (UMKC and UMSL), as currently represented by the Academic and Student Administrative Systems Oversight Committee (ASASOC).
  • UM IT Management Council (CIOs)

Reviewed 2019-08-08