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Shared Services Project Governance

Project Name:

Shared Services –Data Collection and Evaluation

Executive Sponsor:

Interim President Stephen J. Owens

Steering Commitee

Gary Allen, VP for Information Technology

Bob Simmons, Interim Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, UMKC

Jackie Jones, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, MU

Nikki Krawitz, VP for Finance & Administration

Jim Krueger, Vice Chancellor for Managerial and Technological Services, UMSL

Steve Malott, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, Missouri S&T

Betsy Rodriguez, Vice President for Human Resources

Sue Kopfle, Chief Human Resource Officer, University Hospital

Chris Scheetz, Chair Intercampus Staff Council

Leona Rubin, Chair Intercampus Faculty Council

Project Manager:

Paul Toler, Project Manager

Location Data Coordinators

Paul Toler, Project Manager for Shared Services, UM and MU

Larry Westermeyer, Director of Institutional Research, UMSL

Randy Stoll, Director of Business Services, MO S&T

Andrew Draker, Manager of Data Warehousing and Reporting, UMKC

Jennifer Doll, Controller, University Hospital

Functional Data Coordinators

IT                     Larry Frederick, Assoc. Vice Chancellor and CIO, Information

                        Technology Services, UMSL

                        Mary Lou Fritts, CIO & Vice Provost, UMKC

                        Margaret Cline, CIO, MO S&T

                        Terry Robb, Director of IT, UM and MU

                        Beth Chancellor, Associate CIO-MU, University Hospital

HR                    Peter Heithaus, Director of Human Resources, UMSL

                        Shenethia Manuel, Director of Human Resource Services, MO


                        Carol Hintz, Associate Vice Chancellor, UMKC

                        Catherine Turmel, Asst. Director Human Resource Services,


                        Linda Koch, Director of HR Systems Administration, UM

                        Jason Miller, HRIS Manager, University Hospital

Finance            Ernest Cornford, Director of Finance, UMSL

                        Bob Crutsinger, Director of Accounting Services, UMKC

                        Andy Lamar, Director of Accounting and Fiscal Services, MO


                        Tracy Greenup, Asst. Director of Business Services, MU

                        Tom Richards, Assistant Controller Financial Reporting and

                        Tax, UM

                        Jennifer Doll, Controller, University Hospital

Procurement    Jennifer Alexander, Assoc. Director Procurement Support,

                        (UM, UMSL, UMKC, MO S&T, MU)

                        Tony Hall, Administrative Manager for Sourcing and Supply

                        Chain, University Hospital


Reviewed 2019-08-05