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Peoplesoft Troubleshooting

9.0 Problem:

9.0 Solution

PS Non-PO voucher page errors that I am 'out of balance' but only one amount has been entered on the Invoice Information tab.

This version works best if you fill out the preliminary 'Add a New Value page' before going into the main Invoice Information tab.

The non-PO voucher entry page will not let me pick a vendor from the short vendor name.

Be sure to change or select 'Rolla' as your business unit on pages requiring this information.

PS Non-PO voucher entry page is locked up.

Clear cache: delete cookie and temporary internet files. Close the browser and open a new one.

PS Non-PO voucher entry page selections are grayed out.

Clear cache: delete cookie and temporary internet files. Close the browser and open a new one.

Some of the solutions from 8.8 might work for 9.0 as well.


8.8 Problem:

8.8 Solution:

SQL Error

No apostrophe allowed in the invoice number box.

Voucher exceeds gross amount

Click SAVE again, end users are unable to change gross amount on payment tab and the gross amount will automatically change for you after pressing SAVE the first time.

Non-PO voucher print process continues to run for an unusually longer period of time.

Be sure to enter a voucher number in the Voucher ID and Voucher ID TO: boxes to avoid an infinite number of vouchers to process. Call Accounting if you are experiencing this type of delay.

Font irregularities on PSoft web page

Delete cookies and temporary internet files, sign out, close browser and open new one.

PSoft Menu duplications during navigation.

Delete cookies and temporary internet files, sign out, close browser and open new one.

Page goes back to the first menu selection after clicking 'Search' or 'Add' and will not advance onto the next page.

Sign out of PS, close browser, and restart computer.

Non-PO voucher print process creates an error when prompting Adobe Acrobat Reader to open for voucher. Either 'application Error, memory could not be read' or Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or current version has encountered a problem and needs to close.

If you have Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional Suite or higher version installed on your computer, this may interfere with the version of Adobe that PeopleSoft is trying to use. Uninstalling this suite eliminates these errors and restart computer. You may be prompted to install the newest version of reader from Adobe.

Error: "Unable to load images for calendar"

If you have Internet Explorer:

  1. Select Tools>Internet Options
  2. Browsing History>Delete All
  3. Delete Browser History>Delete All
  4. Close your browser and log in again.

Black boxes on webpage

Delete cookies and temporary internet files, open new web browser.

Areas grayed or blacked out/info cannot be entered

Check for the correct internet address for PeopleSoft Production:

Print: blanks in voucher

Remove information in 'User ID', 'From' and 'Through' boxes on Non-PO voucher print page. Voucher ID number has to be less that Voucher ID also. Using two or three of these criteria in unison will cause this to happen also.

Print: Error box 'Ren Server'

Main server is down, wait for availability.

Print: pop up window blocked

If Yahoo toolbar is installed, even when the pop-up blocker is disabled for this website, it may continue to block pop-us, uninstall if this is case. Some types of toolbars remain hidden in the background; go to View>Toolbars to view them. Or right click on the yellow bar at the top of the page, click "Always allow pop ups from this website".

Print: PDF box does not appear

If after the print pop-up has reached 'Success' and your PDF box does not appear right away there is a possibility that you will need to update your Adobe Acrobat to the latest version. Reboot your machine after downloading the update.

Print: 'Success' Pop-up window will not prompt Adobe Acrobat to open

Search engine toolbars may need to be disabled or uninstalled. These can remain hidden, go to View>Toolbars to see them.

Reviewed 2019-08-05

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