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How can I tell if a Purchase Order (PO) has been paid?

Go to Peoplesoft Production > Purchasing >Under Review PO Information > Document Status > Under the PO Number, type in your purchase order number. (Note: Just the number not the letter; it’s a 10 digit field).  If payment has been made it will give you the voucher number and the check number and the date of payment.

If payment has not been made, it’s only going to give you the requisition number.  In most cases if payment has not been made its’ because we have not received a copy of the invoice in the Accounts Payable Shared Services Office.  Check to see if you have the original invoice.  If so, please write the Purchase Order number on the invoice and email it to umprocimagingvouche@umsystem.edu.

Please feel free to call the Accounts Payable Shared Services Office Toll Free @ 855-584-3849 or in Columbia at 573-882-3051 if you need additional information.

Reviewed 2014-02-27.

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