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Non-PO Voucher FAQs

Q. What do I need to submit with a Payment Request?

A. You will need to submit an invoice from the supplier or documentation to support the payment being made. 

Q. What if I cannot find a supplier in the system when creating a Payment Request?

A. Complete a request for a new supplier/change to an existing supplier.  Click HERE for instructions.

Q. Can I combine a payment on a personal service contract and travel to that same individual on the same Payment Request?

A. Yes you can. You must use two different invoice lines on the payment request and label the descriptions as travel and personal service contract. 

Q. If I need to charge different chartstrings on a Payment Request, what would be the best way to create the Payment Request for this type of situation?

A. Use one invoice line and add as many distribution lines as needed. You will need to fill in the distribution lines with the chartfield information after the first line.

Q. What is required when alcohol purchases have been made and involves either an individual that will need to be reimbursed or a catering service paid?

A. A document describing the business need is a requirement and approval from the Business Office of Missouri S&T. See UM Policy 26401 Incidental Expenses.

Q. Are comments required to be entered when creating a Payment Request?

A. Yes, comments are required.  You are limited to 254 characters. 

Q. Are personal memberships reimbursable by the University?

A. Depends if there is a business purpose for the membership and what benefit would the University receive from it. See CRR 360.120 - Dues and Memberships in Organizations.

Reviewed 2021-09-22

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