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360.120 Dues and Memberships in Organizations

Executive Order No. 14, 5-1-74, Amended 7-18-18, Amended 2-7-23.

  1. Use of University Funds
    1. Institutional memberships in organizations which provide educational or professional service of value to the institution or to one or more of its component parts are allowed to be paid with University funds. Campus and/or the System Chief Financial Officer must approve institutional memberships prior to acquisition to avoid duplication. Institutional memberships requiring approval include those that provide, or have the potential to provide, a benefit to more than one department, or benefits the campus or institution as a whole, or has a cost greater than $5,000.
    2. Individual memberships in professional societies and associations that relate to the individual's job and support the mission of the university are allowable.
    3. It is not appropriate for University funds to be used to pay individual personal membership dues in social, service or civic clubs.
    4. It is appropriate and proper to use University funds for membership in organizations that publish material needed by libraries.
    5. Memberships require the approval of the requestor's supervisor and the approval of an authorized signer on the source of funds.

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