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Chapter 10: Board of Curators

Chapter 20: Organization

Chapter 30: Development

Chapter 50: Centers

Chapter 60: Related Organizations

Business Management

Chapter 70: Execution of Instruments

Chapter 80: Purchasing

Chapter 85: Risk Management

Chapter 90: Instruments under U.S. Public Law

Chapter 100: Patent and Copyright Law

Facilities and Equipment Management

Chapter 110: Use of Facilities and Equipment

Chapter 120: Traffic Regulations

Financial Management

Chapter 140: Investments

Chapter 145: Debt and Derivatives

Chapter 150: Trusts

Chapter 160: Audits

Information Management

Chapter 170: Communications

Chapter 180: Records Management

Chapter 190: Western Historical Manuscripts Collection

Programs, Courses and Student Affairs

Chapter 200: Student Conduct

Chapter 210: Credits and Courses

Chapter 220: Degrees, Diplomas and Honors

Chapter 230: Student Fees

Chapter 240: Financial Aids and Awards

Chapter 250: Student Organizations

Chapter 260: Student Activities Budgets

Chapter 270: Intercollegiate Athletics

Chapter 280: Student Health

Chapter 290: Student Housing

Faculty Bylaws and Tenure Regulations

Chapter 300: Faculty Bylaws

Chapter 310: Academic Tenure Regulations


Chapter 320: Employment and Termination

Chapter 330: Employee Conduct

Chapter 340: Employee Absences

Chapter 350: Labor Policy

Chapter 360: Compensation

Faculty and Staff Campus Mediation Service

Chapter 365: Faculty and Staff Campus Mediation Service

Grievance Procedures

Chapter 370: Academic Grievances

Chapter 380: Administrative, Service and Support Staff Grievances

Chapter 390: Student Discrimination Grievances


Chapter 400: Animal Research

Chapter 410: Research Involving Humans

Chapter 420: Allegations of Research Dishonesty

Chapter 430: Research Security

Medical and Dental Schools and Services

Chapter 440: UMC Medical Services

Chapter 450: UMKC Medical School

Chapter 460: UMKC Dental Faculty Practice Plan

Chapter 470.010: UMSL Clinical Psychology Faculty Professional Plan

Benefit Plans

Chapter 490: Defense and Protection

Chapter 500: Benefits Program Plans

Equal Employment/Educational Opportunity

Chapter 600: Equal Employment/Educational Opportunity

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