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270.060 Intercollegiate Athletics

Executive Order No. 29, 9-26-1997; Amended 7-21-2006; Amended 6-25-2008; Amended 7-23-2020.

  1. Delegation of Responsibility -- The President, consistent with the authority granted in 10.030.C and each subparagraph thereof including 10.030.C.1.g of the Collected Rules and Regulations of the University of Missouri, hereby delegates overall responsibility for intercollegiate athletic programs to the Chancellor of each of the University’s respective campuses. This delegation is subject to the requirements, mandates, and conditions of this Executive Order and will be carried out in conformance with Board of Curators' policies, rules, and regulations. This delegation does not relieve each respective Chancellor of responsibility for keeping the President advised at all times of major issues affecting intercollegiate athletics, including those that have the potential to engender a high degree of public interest.
  2. Chancellor’s Responsibility -- The Chancellor maintains responsibility for the conduct of the Intercollegiate Athletic Department. Reporting relationships shall be as follows:
    1. Athletic Directors at NCAA Division 1-A campuses shall report to the Chancellor.
    2. Athletic Directors at campuses affiliated with all other NCAA Divisions shall report either to the Chancellor, Chief Student Affairs Officer or Chief Financial Officer.
    3. Exceptions to the reporting relationships described in B.1 or B.2 shall be subject to approval of the President.
  3. Student Athlete Academic Progress -- The Chancellors shall oversee policies and procedures designed to ensure that all student athletes admitted to their respective campuses are capable of achieving academic progress comparable to that of the general student body, and which is anticipated to lead to graduation within six years.
  4. Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics -- Each Chancellor shall establish a committee on intercollegiate athletics to advise the Chancellor and represent the campus in matters relating to intercollegiate athletics. The roles and membership of the committee will be in conformance with applicable rules and regulations of the University and those athletic associations and/or conferences to which the University subscribes. The committee will advise the Chancellor and the Athletic Director and recommend to the Chancellor policies that govern the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. The Director of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics shall be charged with responsibility for implementation of policies approved by the Chancellor.
  5. Annual Reports -- Any campus required to file an annual report to the NCAA shall provide a copy of said report to the President. In addition, commencing with the 2006-2007 academic year, the Chancellor of each respective campus shall provide the President no later than October 31 of each year an annual report of activities concerning the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Copies of the reports also will be provided to the faculty governing body and the committee on intercollegiate athletics of each respective campus. The President will provide copies of these reports to the Board of Curators. Such reports shall include, but not be limited to:
    1. Rates of admissions exceptions for Athletics as compared to campus admissions exceptions.
    2. Academic progress rates by sport, as defined by the NCAA if applicable.
    3. Graduation rates by sport, as defined by the NCAA if applicable.
    4. Financial performance of all operations of the Department of IntercollegiateAthletics.
    5. Those items as the President may from time to time direct be added to theannual reports.

    In the next board meeting after submission of the reports, each university will provide staff members representing intercollegiate athletics to address any questions concerning the reports.

  6. Contract Provisions -- Contracts for Directors of Intercollegiate Athletics and HeadCoaches shall contain provisions requiring annual performance review.
  7. Contracts, Stipulations and Exceptions -- Contracts for Directors ofIntercollegiate Athletics and Head Coaches are subject to all applicable rules andregulations of the UM Board of Curators and executive orders issued by the Presidentpertaining to employment contracts. In any event, contracts shall not at any point intime exceed five (5) years and shall not include buyout clauses calling for theindividual to receive more than the balance of the annual base salary the individualwould have earned under the remaining terms of the contract. Exceptions to the ruleon employment contracts must be approved by the UM Board of Curators upon therecommendation of the President.
  8. Athletic Associations and Conferences -- The President and the UM Board ofCurators shall approve any proposal by a campus to withdraw from oneintercollegiate athletic association or conference for the purpose of affiliating with anew athletic association or athletic conference.
  9. This Executive Order shall be deemed to replace previously issued Executive OrderNo. 29, dated July 21, 2006, which is contained in 270.060 of the Collected Rules andRegulations of the University.

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