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360.060 Resignation

Bd. Min. 7-16-58, p. 13,315; Amended Bd. Min. 7-22-83; Amended 7-28-20; Amended 1-1-24.

Payment at Termination

  1. Advance Notice -- An employee must give at least two weeks advance notice in order to resign from a position in good standing. An employee is to be given two weeks advance notice by the University if the employee is being terminated because of circumstances for which the employee is not responsible, such as discontinuation of position, reorganization, etc. Advance notice is not required by the University when the employee is terminated for circumstances for which the employee is responsible, such as excessive absenteeism, abuse of privileges, etc.; provided the employee has been counseled about the matter and given an opportunity to correct the situation but failed to do so. Advance notice is not required for serious incidents such as theft, intoxication on the job, conviction of a felony, willful damage to University property, etc. In addition to pay for salaries and wages earned to the date of termination, payment for all unused vacation and PTO, up to applicable limits as allowed by the policy, will be made to all employees terminating their employment with the University whether by resignation, death or discharge, except that an employee may be discharged without notice or without further pay for willful gross violation of rules, misconduct or similar causes.

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