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Chapter 360: Compensation

360.070 Pay for Grievance Time

This is to outline the University's policies regarding time spent by union officers who are attending meetings with University representatives for the purpose of discussing grievances, or other matters having to do with working conditions, or the University's employee policies or procedures.

  1. Officers of Employee Groups -- Shop Stewards or other officers of employee groups are expected to perform their jobs during their regular working hours for which they are paid.
    1. Most matters that will be of concern to the Shop Stewards or other union officers can properly be handled at times other than during working hours, although good judgment should be exercised in recognizing that in some cases immediate attention is justified.
  2. Employees Serving as Union Representatives -- Periodically it will be necessary for University representatives and union representatives to meet to discuss grievances as well as other matters. It will be the University policy to not deduct for the time spent by the employees who are serving as union representatives. However, in such meetings, a full-time employee of the union is not to be paid by the University for time spent in such meetings.
    1. The employees participating in the meetings are expected to work their normally scheduled period except for the time required for such meetings. They are also expected to first advise their supervisors of the need to be off, for which approval should be given except in the case of an emergency.
    2. Employees who may be scheduled for a different shift and who do not lose time from the job are not to be paid for the time spent in such meetings. Nor are employees to be paid overtime or any additional pay over and above their regular pay for time spent in such meetings that occur before or after the employee's scheduled work day.
  3. Pay
    1. Pay for time spent in such meetings is normally to be limited to two (2) employees who are serving as representatives of the employee group. If an aggrieved employee is invited to the meeting to present his views and facts, he should not lose time for such meetings if he is taken off his job.
    2. Employees attending union meetings or participating in any other union activity which takes them off the job should not be paid for such time.

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