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Chapter 360: Compensation

360.111 Moving Expenses - Executive Order

Amends 25.110 per Bd. Min. 4-22-65, p.29,094; Executive Order No. 15, 9-4-74; Amended 1-1-82; amended 5-26-04.

  1. Policy -- Payment of moving expenses may be authorized for new employees. Payment of moving expenses may also be authorized when it is in the best interests of the University to move a current employee from one campus or location to another. The President, Vice President, Chancellor, Hospital Chief Executive Officer, or a designee must authorize all moving expenses.
    Moving expense payments are not to exceed 10% of the employee's annual salary or the actual cost of moving, whichever is less. In special circumstances the President, Vice President, Chancellor, or Hospital Chief Executive Officer may authorize payment in excess of 10% for actual moving expenses.
  2. Responsibility of Campuses -- The campuses are individually responsible for determining the method by which requests for the authorization of moving expenses are processed and approved. Campuses may set conditions for repayment to the University of a portion, or all moving expenses, if the employee does not remain an employee of the University for an agreed upon amount of time.
  3. IRS Regulations -- Payment of moving expenses will not exceed those allowed as deductible by Internal Revenue Service regulations. All reimbursements to employees for moving expenses will be reported on the W-2 form. It is the employee's responsibility to determine the taxability of such payments.

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