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360.111 Moving Expenses

Amends 25.110 per Bd. Min. 4-22-65, p.29,094; Executive Order No. 15, 9-4-74; Amended 1-1-82; amended 5-26-04; amended 07-16-18 with an effective date of 8-1-18.


University departments may offer moving allowances for new employees when in the best interest of the University. For current employees, a moving allowance may be authorized when it is in the best interest of the University to move a current employee from one campus or location to another.

  1. Policy -- Moving allowances are not to exceed five percent (5%) of the employee's annual salary, or $10,000, whichever is less. In special circumstances the President, Vice President, Chancellor, or Hospital Chief Executive Officer may authorize an allowance in excess of 5% or $10,000.
  2. Authorization -- Moving allowances are not an entitlement and will not be authorized in all circumstances. Departments may also limit moving allowances to less than the maximum amount allowed by policy.

    Prior to making an offer of a moving allowance to a new or current employee, the allowance must be authorized by the President, Vice President, Chancellor, Hospital Chief Executive Officer, or a designee.

  3. Repayment Agreement -- As a condition of receiving a moving allowance, new and current employees must sign an agreement requiring repayment of the allowance contingent upon continuing employment with the University for a two year period. Repayment of the allowance shall be in accordance with the following schedule:
    • Less than six (6) full months worked – return 100 percent;
    • At least six (6) full months worked, but less than 12 full months – return 75 percent;
    • At least 12 full months worked, but less than 18 full months – return 50 percent; and
    • At least 18 full months worked, but less than 24 full months – return 25 percent.
  4. Payment Distribution -- Approved moving allowance will be paid after the employee’s effective date of hire with the University of Missouri, or if the employee is a current University employee, after the employee begins regular employment at the new campus or location.

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