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Chapter 180: Records Management

180.060 Personnel Files

Amended Bd. Min. 9-7-79, 11-13-81; Bd. Min. 7-13-00.

  1. Inspection -- Any employee may inspect his/her personnel records and can request that these records be made available to his/her union representative.
  2. Advance Notice -- Such request to inspect records or make them available should be made in writing at least one day in advance.
  3. Official File -- The official personnel file is the file maintained by the Human Resource Office and may include items not available to employees such as letters of recommendations and legal documents which must be considered confidential and available only to supervisory personnel who must necessarily have access in order to make appropriate decisions.
  4. Warnings, Reprimands or Actions -- If an employee's record has been free of written warnings, reprimands or disciplinary actions for a period of two (2) years of continuous employment the University will not base any current disciplinary actions on the earlier warnings, reprimands or disciplinary actions. If, however, additional warnings, reprimands or suspensions have been given during the past two (2) years, then the employee's entire record will be considered in determining appropriate disciplinary action.

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