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Chapter 220: Degrees, Diplomas and Honors

220.030 Honorary Degrees

Bd. Min. 4-7-67, p. 33,191; Bd. Min. 10-12-73, p. 36,842; Amended Bd. Min. 2-12-82; Bd. Min. 6-19-87, 3-18-93; Amended Bd. Min. 12-13-96; 5-26-05; Amended Bd. Min. 12-7-12.

  1. General Guidelines
    1. The University of Missouri shall grant no more than one honorary degree to an individual bearing the designation of a given campus as provided in paragraph 3.a. below. A different campus may consider an individual eligible for another honorary degree following a lapse of five years from the date the previous honorary degree was conferred. Names of previous honorary degree recipients, along with any other consideration, are on file in the Office of the Secretary of the Board.
      1. The authority to award honorary degrees rests with the Board of Curators.
    2. There shall be a faculty committee on each campus which shall solicit suggestions from all sources for honorary degree recipients.
      1. After preparing its recommendations the Committee shall present them to the Chancellor of the campus. The Chancellor will forward to the President names of the nominees by February 1 for spring, May 1 for summer and October 1 for fall commencements. The President will forward the nominees to the Board of Curators for approval.
      2. With the Board’s approval, the President shall return a list of acceptable nominees to the Chancellor for transmission to the faculty committee. The committee then makes formal recommendations to the faculty governing body.
      3. After final faculty action, the Chancellor transmits the names to the President, and the President informs the nominees.
      4. Prior to public announcement by the President and Chancellor, all matters relating to honorary degrees are treated as confidential.
    3. The format of the honorary degree itself is to be the same as that for degrees awarded students on the campus.
      1. Degrees should be granted only in the name of the University of Missouri with the campus designation appearing in the body of the certificate as a means of specifying the campus where the degree is conferred.
    4. Any honorary degree shall not be awarded in the absentia unless specifically recommended by the faculty and approved by the President and the President of the Board of Curators.
    5. Should an honorary degree designee be unable to accept in the year the degree is awarded, the name shall be resubmitted for faculty approval if the campus committee recommends conferring the degree in a later year.
    6. The following guidelines are suggested in selecting honorary degree recipients:
      1. Persons who have rendered distinctive service to the University.
      2. Persons who have rendered distinctive service to the State.
      3. Graduates or former students who have achieved distinction.
      4. A person of high distinction, from this country or abroad, who is not necessarily associated with the University or the State.
      5. As a general policy, honorary degrees shall not be awarded to active members of the University faculty or staff, or retired faculty members for career distinction achieved at the University of Missouri nor to political officials unless retired from political life.
    7. All invitations to the honorary degree recipients should be extended by the President of the University of Missouri.
  2. Notification -- All recipients of Honorary Degrees at any campus of the University shall be notified of such honor by the President of the University

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