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320.020 President's Authority

Bd. Min. 4-7-67, p. 33,193; Bd. Min. 3-17-72, p. 36,323; Amended 4-22-21.

  1. The President shall have the following specific authority:
    1. To make or change academic appointments or salaries within the budget,
    2. To accept resignations and discharge faculty,
    3. To make or change appointments, change salaries, accept resignations or discharge employees in non-academic positions, including the Crippled Children's Service.
    4. Exception -- Any appointment or change of appointment of Vice Presidents, Chancellors or Curators Professors shall be reported to and approved by the Board of Curators before the effective date thereof.
  2. All such appointments shall be made, regardless of the terms named in the appointments, subject to termination at the pleasure of the Board of Curators.
  3. All appointed personnel actions shall be made in writing. Fully executed appointment documents shall be filed with the hiring unit and the System Office of Human Resources prior to the effective date of the appointment. The System Office of Human Resources shall maintain records for all such appointments.
  4. Any appointments so made shall be in accordance with existing policies and scales of pay for the University in effect at the time of such appointment.

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