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180.010 Archival Program

Bd. Min. 2-13-70, p. 34,882; Amended 3-1-74, p. 36,962; Bd. Min. 3-20-81; Revised 12-6-91; Revised 9-2-94; Bd. Min. 7-13-00.

  1. Archival Program
    1. Each campus shall have a Campus Archivist appointed by its Chancellor. The Campus Archivist for the Columbia campus shall also serve as Archivist for the University's Central Administration. The Campus Archivists as a group shall jointly establish a coordinated archival philosophy for the collection of University records, documents and materials having a perpetual administrative or historical value.
    2. All records (regardless of media) having perpetual administrative or historical value are to be transferred to Campus Archives for retention as specified by Records Retention Authorizations. The Campus Archivist shall have sole authority to determine which records, documents and materials not meeting those standards.
    3. Campus Archives shall be the only appropriate depository for all present and future official campus records and documents appraised as having perpetual administrative or historical value.
    4. Campus Archivist shall encourage all retired and former faculty and staff, and faculty to donate their personal papers and materials to the Campus Archives.
  2. Records Management Program
    1. As a continuing management function, the President of the University, through the Vice President for Finance and Administration's Records Management Department, shall establish records management policy and provide other records management related services as necessary to optimize the University's record keeping functions in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
    2. Retention requirements for all University records and documents (regardless of media) will be collectively determined by the Campus Archivists, the UM Director of Records Management, Internal Auditing Representative and General Counsel. No other committee, person or board shall specify records retention requirements. The retention requirements shall be binding on all University academic and administrative departments and staff. No University records shall be destroyed or disposed of by any University officers or employees on their own initiatives.
    3. All records shall be retained and disposed of according to University Records Retention Authorizations to ensure that their purpose has been accomplished or for such time as may be required by contract, Federal or State laws and regulations.

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