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Chapter 230: Student Fees

230.070 Educational Assistance Program for University Employees, Other than Graduate Teaching and Research Assistants

Bd. Min. 2-19-71, p. 35,487; Amended Bd. Min. 3-18-77, 6-18-82; Amended Bd. Min. 12-12-86, 12-7-90, Amended Bd. Min. 5-23-03, Amended Bd. Min. 11-29-07; Amended Bd. Min. 10-23-09; Amended 12-08-11; Amended Bd. Min. 12-07-12; Amended Bd. Min. 9-13-13; Amended Bd. Min. 12-9-16.

  1. All employees classified at least 75 percent FTE with an indicated appointment duration of at least nine months may enroll for not more than six credit hours per semester (a maximum of three during the summer session or intersession) in college level, credit courses. Those appointed on a full-time, nine-month basis, however, may enroll for not more than the maximum number of hours allowable by that campus during the summer session, provided they do not hold an appointment for the summer session. Those employees not eligible to participate in the program include employees on unpaid leave of absence, students and employees in positions considered to be student employment (including but not limited to Graduate Teaching Assistants, Graduate Research Assistants, Graduate Instructors and Student Assistants).
    1. These employees:
      1. Shall be permitted to receive credit for courses taken within the regulations of the University of Missouri;
      2. Will pay 25 percent of the normal Tuition and Supplemental Fees when enrolling with the intention of receiving academic credit for the course(s). He (or she) will pay the normal amount on all other fees. No Tuition nor Supplemental Fee is required if the employee audits courses on his or her own or at the request of the department head.
      3. Prior to the end of the semester/session in which Educational Assistance is being requested, an employee must submit to the campus Human Resource Services Office a request (Form #UM84-1), approved by his department head, the dean or director or by the Provost or designee on campuses with no schools or colleges, indicating the course(s) to be taken, its (their) purpose, and how the time is to be adjusted.
      4. Employees must file an application to enroll with the Registrar and meet the student admission requirements.
  2. Administrative, Service and Support Staff (non-academic) enrolling in college classes are subject to the following conditions:
    1. Immediately prior to registration, the employee must have completed a six-month period of continuous employment. If the course work is part of the required job training procedure for the work to be done by the employee, the six-month employment requirement may be waived.
    2. The course(s):
      1. Must be taken outside scheduled working hours, or
      2. An equivalent adjustment must be made in the employee's work schedule to make up the time away from work, or
      3. An equivalent adjustment must be made in the employee's pay, or
      4. The time away from work must be deducted from an employee's vacation.
    3. When an employee is requested by the department head to enroll in a course(s) which is (are) directly related to his (or her) assigned University responsibilities, the time away from work to attend classes shall be considered as part of his (or her) regular work schedule.
    4. Class attendance shall not take priority over the work to be performed except as outlined above.
    5. An employee who has retired under the University of Missouri Retirement, Disability and Death Benefit Plan, will be permitted to register and receive credit for courses without payment of tuition, providing there is space available. Such retired employee must meet the student admission requirements. The retired employee shall also present to the Registrar the Retirement Identification Card at time of registration.
  3. Tuition Reduction for Spouses and Dependents
    1. Definitions
      1. Employee: Employees must be currently employed in a Fully Benefit Eligible Academic Appointment or as a Regular administrative, service and support employee and have five years of continuous, full-time service with the University at some point, prior to the deadline for registration. The employee must remain a University of Missouri employee through the beginning of the course in which the spouse/dependent is enrolled. If the employee separates from the University, the spouse/dependent may complete the semester in which enrolled.
      2. Eligible Spouse: The legal spouse of an Employee, excluding a divorced spouse or a spouse separated by contract or decree from the Employee. Employees eligible for the Educational Assistance Program are excluded from the definition of Eligible Spouse.
      3. Eligible Dependent includes:
        • Eligible Dependent Child or Children must meet the criteria required under the definitions of “Child or Children” and “Dependent” based on the terms and conditions of the University of Missouri Medical Benefits Plan with the exception that foster children shall not be eligible under this program. Employees eligible for the Educational Assistance Program are excluded from the definition of Eligible Dependent.
        • An eligible Sponsored Adult Dependent who meets the criteria required under the definitions of "Sponsored Adult Dependent" based on the terms and conditions of the University of Missouri Medical Benefits Plan. Employees eligible for the Educational Assistance Program are excluded from this program.
      4. Course: University of Missouri college credit course is defined as any undergraduate, graduate, or professional credit course offered by the institution up to a total of 140 credit hours per eligible spouse or dependent. University programs of study, which blend undergraduate and graduate courses, are included and may be accessed up to the 140 credit hour limit.
      5. Fees: Tuition only. Supplemental course fees, activity, facility, and health fees, books and other expenses are the responsibility of the participant. Application for this tuition reduction must be made prior to the end of the semester/session in which Tuition Reimbursement is being requested. No tuition reduction will be granted for courses previously completed. The regular refund policy of the University applies in cases of withdrawal from a course.
    2. Benefit: The University will provide a benefit equal to a 50% reduction of tuition for an Eligible Spouse or an Eligible Dependent of Eligible Employees for up to 140 credit hours of University of Missouri college credit courses per Eligible Spouse or Eligible Dependent. Under no circumstances will the benefits under this policy exceed 50%, even if both parents of the dependent are University employees. For all courses (undergraduate, graduate, or professional), the rate of such tuition reduction shall be based upon the tuition charged to a resident student for undergraduate courses.

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