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310.040 No Impairment of Rights of Tenure

Bd. Min. 3-17-72, p. 36,281; Revised Bd. Min. 6-27-80, p. 38,132; Amended Bd. Min. 9-12-80.

  1. For nontenured faculty, either regular or nonregular, employed prior to the adoption of these regulations, nothing contained in these regulations shall alter the present status of their eligibility for reappointments, nor affect any existing agreement regarding their maximum probationary period.
  2. Present members of the academic staff on continuous appointment have acquired tenure.
  3. In the event that on any campus of the University formal proceedings have begun by the written notification to a tenured appointee of a recommendation of dismissal for cause or to a term appointee of a recommendation of dismissal for cause during the term, such proceedings shall continue before the appropriate Committee on Tenure in existence at the time these amended regulations are adopted, but such Committee shall, insofar as practicable, follow the procedures provided for in these amended regulations in any additional proceedings.

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