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240.020 Scholarships

Bd. Min. 11-18-66; Bd. Min.11-10-67; 2-28-75; 3-21-75; Bd. Min. 3-20-81 and 10-9-81; Bd. Min. 2-4-88; Amended Bd. Min. 9-2-94.

  1. Curators Scholar Programs
    1. Curators Scholars will be selected in recognition of outstanding academic achievement in high school and potential for outstanding academic achievement in college.
    2. Missouri high school students may be considered for Curators Scholars Awards if, at the end of their junior year or thereafter, they are in the top 5 percent of their graduating class and have scored 28 or higher on the ACT exam or have scored an equivalent or higher score on another nationally normed entrance examination. Qualified students may be recommended by their high school counselors, may contact the University campus of their choice, or may be contacted directly by the campuses of the University.
    3. The award will provide a fixed dollar amount to be applied toward fees and other educational expenses. The amount of the award will be set by the President in consultation with the Chancellors.
    4. Awards are made annually with renewals for a total of up to five academic years or receipt of a bachelor's degree. Renewal is dependent on maintenance of a minimum GPA to be determined by the President in consultation with the Chancellors.
    5. To respond to special circumstances, Chancellors may award Curators Scholarships to students who do not meet the exact conditions specified in (2) but who have, by virtue of other criteria, high promise for academic success at the University.
    6. Recipients must be full-time students and residents of the State of Missouri, as defined by the University of Missouri Tuition and Residency Rules.
    7. The provisions of this revision of the rules governing the Curators Scholarship Program will become effective for the 1995-96 academic year.
  2. Other Scholarship Programs -- Chancellors may establish and fund other scholarship and fellowship programs, subject to the approval of the President, to meet educational needs and achieve enrollment management objectives.

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