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20.021 President’s Temporary Authority for COVID-19 Response

Bd. Min. 03-16-20

  1. Notwithstanding any limitations or restrictions placed on the President in Section 20.020 or elsewhere in these Collected Rules and Regulations, the President shall have authority to place into immediate effect any temporary lawful policies, procedures, or other measures which in his judgment are necessary or appropriate to meet the public health emergency associated with the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 disease, including but not limited to safeguarding persons and property and maintaining University activities as appropriate.
  2. Temporary lawful policies, procedures, or other measures adopted by the President under this authorization shall be effective notwithstanding any contrary provisions of these Collected Rules and Regulations and shall remain in effect until such time identified by the President or the Board of Curators, or until such time as the Board of Curators withdraws the authority granted in this rule or otherwise directs.
  3. The President shall keep the Board of Curators advised as to policies, procedures, or other measures adopted under this rule.

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