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20.020 President of the University

Bd. Min. 6-5-56, p. 9309; Bd. Min. 4-7-67, p. 33,193; Revised 9-24-10.

  1. General Delegation of Power by the Board
    1. General Power -- The President is hereby delegated the general power to act for and on behalf of the Board of Curators and The Curators of the University of Missouri subject only to the Bylaws, Board Rules and Regulations or specific instructions of the Board. The President shall be the chief executive and academic officer of the University and all faculty and other University employees shall be under his/her control and supervision, and he/she shall be in charge of all academic, public, business, financial and related affairs of the University under the policies and general supervision of the Board.
    2. Authority to Amend Business Procedures -- The President of the University shall be and is authorized to make and establish changes in the business procedures in the future, not inconsistent with the general policies established by the Board.
  2. Authority to Delegate
    1. Severability and Delegation of Authority
      1. The authority granted under the Board Rules and Regulations shall be severable and cumulative, and the revocation or amendment of any specific delegation shall not affect the authority otherwise granted unless so provided by the action of the Board.
      2. The President may delegate, in whole or in part, his/her authority granted under the Bylaws or Board Rules and Regulations to such other officers and employees of The Curators of the University of Missouri as he/she may designate either by general or specific delegation, with the right to revoke such delegation at any time.

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