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340.180 Class Attendance

Bd. Regs. Book dated 12-10-49; Bd.Min. 9-23-61; Bd. Min. 2-13-70, Amended 11-29-07.

  1. Graduate Studies for Full Time Staff Members -- A full time staff member may be permitted to carry not to exceed 12 hours of work in the Graduate School for an academic year of employment (15 hours per 12 month appointees), subject to the development of schedules and work assignments satisfactory to the chairman of the department concerned (or other responsible superior) and approval by the dean of the division, or Provost on campuses with no schools or colleges. The above permission cannot be cumulative above 12 hours (15). This policy extends to include County Extension workers.
    1. A staff member on a 25 percent FTE or more appointment or on full time hourly status may carry, on a resident fee basis, such courses in the Graduate School as are jointly approved by the graduate dean/Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and the chairman of the department (or other responsible superior). Such staff privileges are specifically contingent upon the regular and satisfactory discharge of his service responsibilities to the University.
  2. Faculty Members -- Full time members of the instructional force with the rank of Instructor or above may attend classes as hearers without payment of the fees, provided their attendance is with permission of the instructor in charge, said attendance to be without enrollment or record.

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