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110.015 Facilities Needs Funding and Reporting

Executive Order No. 28, 4-12-94, Revised 6-26-08, Revised 12-4-12.

The University of Missouri recognizes the value of its buildings.  To assure that buildings are renewed, that deferred maintenance is addressed, and that modernization occurs, an industry best practice requires an annual investment that supports the maintenance of a Facilities Condition Needs Index (FCNI) of 0.30 or lower.  The FCNI is calculated as the sum of the total cost of capital renewal, deferred maintenance, and plant adaption divided by the estimated replacement cost of the buildings.

  1. Each campus will annually establish its facilities needs funding (hereinafter "Funds") by calculating the investment required to achieve and maintain the campus FCNI goal (0.30 or lower is recommended) for its Education & General (E&G) facilities within the following ten years.  The required annual investment based on the FCNI goal will be stated in dollars and as a percent of the estimated replacement value.  If the campus budget amount is less than the established goal, the campus will identify the funding difference and the impact on its FCNI and on its total facility needs (backlog).  Non-E&G (Auxiliary supported) facilities will also budget for annual facilities needs funds but may use another campus approved reinvestment goal.  A minimum expenditure of 1.0% of building replacement value is required.
  2. Funds shall be used to prevent deterioration of facilities and facilities-related fixed equipment.  Funds shall also be used to repair, replace, or renovate facilities and facilities-related fixed equipment.  Expenditures from Funds may include preventative maintenance, routine repair, major repair and replacement, and renovation to meet program modernization needs and changing standards.
  3. Annually, each campus shall submit to the Vice President for Finance and Administration the list of projects using Funds for the previous fiscal year and specifically identify the amount funded for preventative maintenance programs.  From this information, a report will be compiled for review by the President.

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