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110.010 Regulations

Bd. Regs. Book dated 12-10-49, pp. 70-76; Bd. Min. 7-22-65, p. 30,624; Bd. Min. 9-26-69, p. 34,751; Bd. Min. 5-18-73, p. 36,693; Amended Bd. Min. 11-19-82; Revised Bd. Min. 9-16-88; Amended 11-18-21; Amended 12-10-21; Amended 6-29-23.

  1. Facilities and Equipment -- Unless otherwise specifically ordered by the Board, the President of the University may assign or reassign sites of the University for use by the University or any campus thereof. The use of sites assigned to the University shall be under the direction and control of the President. Sites assigned to a campus of the University shall be subject to the following regulations on use of facilities. Sites assigned to the University shall be subject to such regulations except that assignments or waivers provided for in such regulations shall be made by the President.
  2. General Regulations
    1. Intended Purpose -- University buildings and grounds are intended for use by students, faculty and staff in support of the University's mission of research, instruction and extension. 
    2. Direction of the Chancellor -- The Chancellors of the UM System are delegated authority for the management of the buildings and grounds of each campus. Where regulations require direction of the Chancellor, said regulations may be administered by Chancellor’s designee(s).
    3. Religious Services or Groups -- No advantage shall be given to any religion or religious group.
    4. Requirements -- All classes, meetings or assemblages and use by individuals of any sort held in University buildings or on University grounds are subject to applicable U.S. and Missouri laws and University requirements, rules and regulations. In addition, it is expected that proper care will be taken of the facility and that simple rules of courtesy, decency and good manners will be observed at all times. Any failure to abide by these requirements may cause the permission for the use of the facility to be withdrawn at any time, or for future permission for use of any University facilities to be denied.
      1. The open possession of and discharge of firearms, weapons and explosives on University property including University farms is prohibited except in regularly approved programs or by University agents or employees in the line of duty. This rule shall not be construed as consent to the possession of concealed firearms, weapons, or explosives on University property.
      2. The possession, use, or distribution of controlled substances under state or federal law is prohibited on University property and at University-sponsored or University-supervised activities.  The possession, use, or distribution of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on University property and at University-sponsored or University-supervised activities except as approved in accordance with Section 110.050 of these Collected Rules and Regulations.
      3. No University building, or part thereof, or grounds may be occupied as living rooms or bedroom except those duly set aside for such purposes.
      4. The University reserves the right to set reasonable time, place and manner restrictions on all meetings, gatherings or get-togethers to assure that the most beneficial use of the buildings and grounds of the University is made and that there is no interference with the right of students to obtain an education.
      5. The use of University facilities should not imply an endorsement of any individual, group or organization and the name of the University shall not be identified in any way with the aims, policies, programs, products, or opinions of any individual, groups or organizations which may meet in University buildings or on University grounds in accordance with these regulations.
    5. Violations -- Violations of the law or University policies and regulations may result in removal from campus. Students, faculty and staff may be subject to discipline in accordance with University policy. Non-affiliated individuals may be issued a no-trespass notice restricting access to University property when their actions are determined to constitute a threat to persons or property or a substantial disruption to the functioning of the institution. 
  3. Use for Classrooms, Laboratories and Office Space
    1. Assignment of space in University buildings for continuing use by division, departments or other units for use as research laboratories, offices or other specific purposes will be made by the Chancellor.
    2. Assignment of classrooms and laboratories for scheduled classes and examinations will be made on a semester-by-semester basis by the Chancellor.
    3. Members of the University faculty, staff or students who are assigned office space in a building on the campus, and who have been authorized to have a building exterior key, shall be authorized to use such assigned office space whenever their work may require such use.
  4. Use by Recognized Student Groups
    1. In addition to the general rules and procedures, the following rules apply to use of University facilities by student groups and individuals.
    2. University buildings and grounds may be utilized and open to the public for appropriate activities and programs sponsored by an officially recognized student organization, provided that such programs are in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the Board of Curators for such events, and further, that the organization file a written request for approval of the activity or program at least ten days prior to the event. The Chancellor is authorized to make an exception to the ten day rule in special circumstances.
    3. University buildings or grounds may not be used by student organizations or enterprises which declare a dividend among its members or from which members derive financial profit; but such student organizations or enterprises may use facilities under the same conditions as nonstudent groups.
    4. It is recognized that from time to time ad hoc groups or students may wish to use University facilities for purposes of meetings for social events. Such groups may do so only by written permission of the Chancellor.
  5. Use by Non-Student Individuals and Groups
    1. In addition to the general rules and procedures specified above, the following rules apply to use of University facilities by non-student individuals and non-student groups; but this section of the regulations does not apply to official University public functions.
    2. Persons who are not students or employees of the University, while on University property, are required to abide by University policies and regulations.
    3. Persons who are not current students or employees of the University and who are on University property without specific permission or authorization or without an appropriate purpose may be deemed guilty of trespass. A person shall be deemed to be on University property "without specific permission or authorization" from and after such time as they are requested to leave the property. A person shall be deemed to be on University property "without an appropriate purpose" whenever their presence is not reasonably related to the University's educational function, or an approved University related extracurricular activity.
    4. Use of available University facilities may be granted to nonstudent groups for meetings, programs and activities:
      1. When the meeting, program and activity is sponsored by or the group is invited by an instructional or administrative division or department as a part of its educational program with the approval of the dean or the appropriate administrative officer of that division or department.
      2. When sponsored by a learned, educational, professional, or scientific society for organizational or educational purposes when recommended by a dean or other appropriate administrative officer.
      3. Other nonaffiliated and nonsponsored groups may make use of the facilities of the University upon written approval of the Chancellor.
    5. Affiliated groups, as specified above in Section 110.010 E.4.a and E.4.b may be charged an approved fee.
    6. Nonaffiliated, nonsponsored groups, as specified above in Section 110.010 E.4.c will be charged a fee approved by the Chancellor.
    7. The Chancellor is authorized to establish specific procedures for scheduling and use of University facilities for all meetings of non-student groups to implement these regulations.
  6. Noncommercial Expressive Activity
    1.  The Chancellor (or designee) may maintain and enforce reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions for noncommercial expressive activities on outdoor areas of any campus of the University, provided that such restrictions shall:
      1. Be in service of significant institutional interests;
      2. Employ clear, published, content- and viewpoint-neutral criteria; and
      3. Provide for alternative means of expression.
    2. Subject to such reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions, noncommercial expressive activity shall be permitted on outdoor areas of any campus of the University as long as such activity is not unlawful and does not materially and substantially disrupt the functioning of the institution.
  7. Sales, Solicitation, Collections and Advertising in University Buildings or on University Grounds
    1. The sale of anything, the soliciting of subscriptions or the collection of dues is prohibited in the University buildings and upon University grounds without prior authorization of the Chancellor.
    2. Recognized student organizations may not solicit subscriptions or collect dues from prospective students or guests of the University when such guests are in University buildings or on University grounds.
  8. Cleaning and Decorations
    1. Cleaning -- All debris must be removed from buildings and premises immediately following an event by the organization concerned. In case extraordinary cleaning is necessary by the University, the cost of such work shall be paid by the organization creating such a necessity. Any damage to a building or a loss of University owned material or equipment resulting from the use of a building by any organization shall likewise be charged to the responsible organization.
    2. Approval -- No decorations shall be permitted in or on University buildings or grounds except as approved by the Business Officer.
    3. Fees -- With the approval of the Chancellor, the Business Officer may establish an appropriate fee for use of University buildings by groups.
    4. Any rules and regulations not in conformity herewith are hereby repealed.
  9. University Equipment
    1. Use of Equipment -- The use of University equipment by individuals or organizations for activities not directly connected with the University of Missouri shall be prohibited and no loan of University equipment shall be made to any individual or organization except where reciprocal use of property is involved such as the exchange of chairs between the University of Missouri and Stephens College.
    2. Equipment to Remain on Property -- No University equipment may be taken from University property except where such equipment is to be used in the line of official duty.
  10. Fees
    1. The Chancellor (or designee) may impose service, use, cleaning, or other fees according to Section 110.020 of these Collected Rules and Regulations.

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