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290.010 Housing Agreements

Bd. Min. 7-8-55, p. 7,813; 9-20-57, p. 11,700; 12-13-57, p.11,998, p. 12,000; 12-7-63, p. 24,050; 5-9-64, p. 25,153; 12-4-65, p. 31,168; Revised 10-1-98; Bd. Min. 5-24-01.

  1. Execution of Housing Agreements -- All terms and conditions of housing agreements and housing rules shall be approved by the Chancellor following review by the General Counsel. All agreements between the University and students for student housing or between the University and faculty for faculty housing shall be executed on behalf of The Curators of the University of Missouri by affixing thereto the facsimile signature of the campus senior housing officer, and that any agreement for faculty and student housing so executed shall be binding upon The Curators of the University of Missouri.
  2. University Inspection of Student Group Housing -- Recognition or continued recognition by the University of any organized student group which controls its own premises shall carry with it as a condition of such recognition the right of proper University officials to enter onto the premises of the organization for the purpose of inspection which may be incident to or required for reasonably safeguarding the health and welfare of the students using and occupying the premises and for the enforcement of University regulations; and University recognition may be withdrawn from any such organization upon its refusal to permit such inspection; and all such recognized student groups shall be given notice of this regulation. The University is not assuming the responsibility for the health and welfare of students residing in student group housing through this regulation, but is expressing the desire to assist student organizations, students residing therein, and students' and their parents in meeting the student organization's responsibility for the health and welfare of its members.

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