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290.020 Student Housing Rules and Regulations

Bd. Min. 10-19-00.

  1. The adoption and the administration of student housing policies, rules and procedures is delegated to the Chancellor of each campus subject to review and approval by the President and review and approval as to legal form by the Office of the General Counsel. The following general principles shall guide the adoption and administration of those policies.
    1. Administration of student housing policy, rules and procedures shall be designed and executed to enhance the educational mission of the University of Missouri and to contribute to the intellectual growth and social development of the individual student residing therein.
    2. The campus rules governing student housing shall be compatible with the general rules of student conduct of the University of Missouri.
    3. All practices must conform to all applicable laws, including constitutionally, required procedural safeguards, if any, and University rules and regulations.
    4. The campus rules governing student housing must be placed in writing and disseminated or otherwise made available to all students to whom they apply.
  2. Housing policies, rules and procedures regarding student behavior in University-owned and operated housing shall include:
    1. A designation of the housing (type of facility) in which they apply.
    2. The expected behavior or prohibited behavior of residents.
    3. The procedures to be used to enforce those behavioral expectations, including written notice of the specific allegations and an opportunity to present the student's side prior to a determination and imposition of any sanction.
    4. The permissible sanctions for violations of the housing policies or rules.
    5. Consideration for public health and safety.

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