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340.055 Principles for the Establishment of a Shared Leave Program

Bd. Min 12-8-17.

  1. Purpose
    This rule directs the establishment of a Shared Leave Program to allow eligible employees to donate vacation leave benefits to a pool that will be available to provide additional paid leave benefits to eligible employees who have experienced certain catastrophic events and exhausted other sources of available paid leave.  This rule also sets standards for design and approval of the Shared Leave Program.
  2. Scope
    One Shared Leave Program shall be adopted for all eligible employees. Separate and unique plans may not be adopted for individual departments or business units, nor may individual departments or business units elect out of the plan.
  3. Program Elements and Standards
    The Shared Leave Program must meet the following elements and standards. Specific operational policies consistent with these elements and standards will be developed for the Shared Leave Program and stated in University Human Resources policies, provided that they must be approved as stated in this rule.

    1. Eligibility. The Program will apply to Regular Administrative, Service and Support employees and certain non-regular academic employees who are eligible for paid leave plans. This includes donors and recipients.
    2. Donations. Eligible employees may donate unused vacation leave benefits only.  No other forms of leave or compensatory time off may be donated.  The Shared Leave Program policy will define other requirements for donors, such as minimum donations, maximum limits, and length of service. 
    3. Pool. Donations will be made to a shared leave pool and distributed to recipient employees who apply for leave benefits from the pool and meet qualifications as defined in the Shared Leave Program policy.  Donations will not be made to or designated for individual recipients. 
    4. Recipients. To receive leave benefits from the Shared Leave Program, eligible employees (a) must have exhausted all other forms of paid leave; (b) must not be approved for long-term University disability benefits; and (c) have experienced a catastrophic event, as defined in the Shared Leave Program Policy, requiring prolonged absence from work. The Shared Leave Program policy will define other requirements for recipients including types of catastrophic events covered, maximum amount of leave, length of service, and application and documentation process. 
    5. Process. The Shared Leave Program Policy will identify a fair and equitable process for review and approval of applications for leave benefits from the pool. 
    6. Voluntary. All donations and receipt of eligible leave shall be voluntary.  No employee may intimidate, threaten, or coerce any other employee with respect to donating or receiving leave under the Shared Leave Program.
  4. Approval Process
    The Vice President for Human Resources will identify an appropriate committee including, but not limited to, human resources and finance personnel, to develop the Shared Leave Program policy, review the operation of the policy periodically, and propose revisions to the policy as appropriate.  The Shared Leave Program policy and any material revisions to the policy must be approved by the General Counsel as to legal form and content and by the President before being implemented.  Non-material changes may be approved by the Vice President of Human Resources or designee.

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