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340.060 Personal Days

Bd. Min. 7-30-82, effective 9-1-82; Bd. Min. 7-15-86; Amended 9-26-97; Amended Bd. Min. 7-17-98; Amended Bd. Min. 7-19-02; Amended 9-13-13; Amended Bd. Min. 6-21-18.; Amended 9-7-22.

  1. Eligible Employees -- Regular Administrative, Service and Support employees and certain non-regular academic employees as approved by the Chancellor and President will be granted four personal days each year. The year will be calculated using the employee's beginning employment date. Personal days are to be used at the employee's discretion, subject to supervisory review and approval. Personal days must be taken before the end of the anniversary year and accumulation beyond the year is not permitted.
  2. Sunset -- The provisions of this rule will be suspended as of the effective date of Collected Rule and Regulation 340.025 (PTO). Unused personal day balances recorded in the University’s time-keeping system at that time will remain available for use during approved absences until the employee’s next anniversary date. Personal days must be taken before the end of the anniversary year. Accumulation beyond the year and payment at separation are not permitted.

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