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330.040 Professional Responsibilities, Protest and Political Activities

Bd. Min. 9-5-70, p. 35,148.

  1. In a community of learning, willful disruption of the educational process, destruction of property, and interference with the rights of other members of the community will not be permitted.
  2. Disciplinary Action -- Academic and administrative procedures of this University provide for prompt and appropriate disciplinary action against those who abuse such rights as provided in the statement by the President regarding student demonstrations adopted by the Board of Curators on June 30, 1968. That statement as well as the Standard of Conduct and Rules of Procedure in Student Disciplinary Matters is available to all students.
  3. Classes During Campaign and Election -- Classes will continue as usual throughout the campaign and election. There will be no recess from the normal and routine operations on any of the campuses and already approved academic calendars will be fully maintained on each campus.
  4. Faculty Responsibility -- We endorse the statement submitted August 26, 1970, suggested by a special committee of the Inter-campus Faculty Council charged by the President with the development of a statement on faculty responsibility, as follows:
    1. The Board of Curators and the Faculty affirm their intention of keeping the University of Missouri in full operation throughout the coming academic year. The Board expects that the faculty will meet their professional obligations in accordance with already existing regulations and principles of academic responsibility regarding the meeting of classes and the awarding of grades and credit.
    2. The Board of Curators hereby charges the faculty to re-examine and re-affirm its professional responsibilities and to develop procedures for dealing with cases in which those responsibilities are not fulfilled. We ask that this task be completed with full faculty consultation and with reasonable speed.
    3. Until each campus develops a full set of procedures for dealing with alleged violations of professional ethics, the Board charges each campus faculty governing body to establish immediately a temporary group for handling such cases as may arise.
  5. The Board of Curators recognizes that any definition of faculty responsibility developed by a faculty group or groups on any campus must provide that the initial and primary responsibility for the effective function of the academic unit, including disciplinary action, resides in the administrative officers of the department, division, school or college.
  6. Students, faculty, administrators and employees who are not in sympathy with the basic philosophy expressed herein and do not intend to abide by the rules and regulations of the University should not attend the University nor become associated with the institution nor continue to be associated with the University.

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